Private Family Tours

Touring with children demands a careful balance of educational sightseeing, experiential learning, hands on activities and entertaining surprises.

As a mother, I know that planning to visit Israel with Family tour in Jerusalemyour family and relatives by means of a private tour makes everything much more flexible and enjoyable.

On these trips, I include something for everyone when putting together your itinerary, unique attractions which maintain a fun family atmosphere as they can be enjoyed jointly, for example: a wild animal park, archaeological digs, nature reserves and historical points of interest, mosaic designing, marzipan modeling, theatre and dance, adventurous walks, ice skating, snorkeling in Eilat, rappelling, kayaking on the Jordan river, boating and spending some time with Israeli children of the same age.

All of these activities can be arranged in accordance with your wishes and your ideas of how the program might best be balanced, so that the kids' rhythm and that of the trip are as one.


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