What should you pack?

If you are visiting for the summer, short-sleeves shirts, shorts, sandals, bathing suits and sunscreen. Bear in mind that at nights, in the mountains, it can get a bit cold. You should always pack comfortable shoes for your touring and it is important that you bring modest clothing (covering knees and shoulders) to respect the sanctity of some places.

If you are visiting for the winter, pack a coat (or a raincoat), a good pair of shoes, gloves and a scarf. Winter in Israel is not nearly as harsh as in Europe. Nevertheless, even in Winter, cities such as Eilat and the Dead Sea remain warm, and so bringing a bathing suit is always a good idea.

If you enjoy hiking, a comfortable pair of shoes, sleeping bag, tent, and camping. Most youth hostels already provide you with sheets and blankets.

Tip For Traveling from Israel

If you are planning to travel on to Egypt or Jordan, you’ll need a visa which is obtainable at the borders of these countries. Have your passport stamped on a separate piece of paper when leaving Israel.


Holidays in Israel

Here you can find an updated list of National and Jewish holidays.

During holidays, public transportation and some tourist sites are closed. The same applies to every Saturday (Shabat).