37 HaTavor St. Tel Aviv, Israel

About Me

My name is Dina Horn. I was born in Israel and live with my family in a beautiful village north of ancient Acre, on the Mediterranean coast.

My career as a tour guide began with my army service as a guide in the Education Corps and it was an enriching foundation. Later on, I graduated from Haifa University with degrees in Political Sciences, Geography, Archeology and History. After having completed additional two years of studying and training at the university, I was certified as a tour guide by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism in 1999. In addition, while living in the U.S.A. I attended a course in American History. Since I have a deeply rooted interest in these fields, while touring, you can always hear me talk about them passionately.

My experience is very broad and covers almost all of Israel. I have escorted large groups as well as private individuals, families and couples, Jews and Christians, day tours and long-stay, and will gladly adapt to all your requirements.

An important part of my service as your tour guide is that I do my utmost to ease the long process of planning – the details, booking, and verifications, as well as assist you in everything you need concerning your journey. My Goal is for you to enjoy the trip from the first moment.

At Enjoy Israel, you are not only provided with tour guidance of the highest quality, but also, any special need that you may have will be taken care of, making for a unique and satisfying experience that you will not forget.