Facilities for the Disabled

Every municipality in Israel invests a lot of time, effort, and resources, into making services more accessible regardless of disability.

As an example, the fortress known as Masada (near the Dead Sea), is accessible via cable car. The amphitheater in Caesaria and the Knight Halls of Acre (Akko) can also be accessed without any issues.

Banks and other businesses have equipment for people with hearing impediments, and most corners in the streets have comfortable access for wheelchairs. Traffic lights have indicators for blind people, and in general, people with visual disabilities can touch and feel their surroundings thanks to the many adaptations the country has done to accommodate to their needs.

You may find additional information about accessible places by visiting: Access Israel. This site offers up-to-date, detailed information on different accessible touring sites, and accommodations, as well as tours, halls, cultural events, car rental agencies and more. This information is provided both in English and Hebrew and is free of charge.

More information and tips for disabled people:


The Israel center for Technology and Accessibility specializes in aiding people with disabilities when it comes to transportation, access to buildings, and much more. Milbat will also provide detailed assistance in case of any arising transportation issue.

Phone: +972-3-5303739

Yad Sarah:

Located mainly in Jerusalem, but has branches all over Israel, is a volunteer organization that lends wheelchairs, crutches and other aides without charge requesting merely a small safety deposit.

Phone: +972-2-6444555