Terry Lipkus - February 2016

Hi Dina,
We are all fine and hope that you too are keeping well.
Yes, I can say all three of us have fond memories of our trip and thoroughly enjoyed touring with you. With that amount of time to tour, we felt that your choices of sites were exactly what we wanted to see. You are very knowledgeable and made all the information extremely interesting for us.
We hope that we have another opportunity to visit Israel and if so, we will definitely contact you. As well, we will pass on your name if any of our friends are visiting.

Warm regards,

Ghita Gerczuk - February 2015

Hi Dina. I just wanted to tell you again how special our time was with you this week. We will never forget our trip to Israel....besides all your knowledge that you shared with us, you are warm and funny and I feel that I have a friend in Israel.
Best regards

Ghita , Toronto, Canada

Steve Fisher - June 2014
Steve Fisher

I and two friends hired Dina to serve as our tour guide for 2 days while recently in Jerusalem. What a great decision it was!

One does a lot of online research trying to figure out which tour guide will be a "good fit." Will they be easy to spend time with? Will they have an enjoyable personality? Are they patient and helpful? Dina was all these things. Her knowledge of archeology, biblical references, and modern Israeli history was impressive.

Dina kept us on schedule and really ensured that we made the most of our limited time in Jerusalem. In every way I can imagine, Dina worked to serve us and make our trip a success.

I would strongly recommend her to anyone considering a trip to Israel.

Laura Sielatycki - May 2014

Incredible time with Dina

"My husband and I 'Enjoyed Israel' immensely with Dina as our guide. Her company provided excellent accommodations, excellent service, and excellent information, tailored to our specifications. We had a list of places we wanted to experience but Dina gave us great insight as to places she thought we would like to do and see. We are history buffs and wanted to see historical and archaeological sights but Dina took us to places we had not known about, to our delight. Israel is beautiful! The coach was first class and we really enjoyed Dina's company--she was lots of fun and we laughed often. We plan to use this group again for our next trip with our son and his wife. Enjoy Israel really knows their business and have a love Israel (as we do) and her tourists. Laura Sielatycki, Highland, Utah”

David & Vickie Hook - April 2014

I've been wanting to visit Israel for years, and recently that dream came true. We decided on 6 days of cycling and 3 days of touring. We found Dina Horn via her website and she agreed to be our private tour guide for the three days. Before the trip, Dina helped us find and book hotels and arrange an itinerary. On the tour days, her expertise continued to impress us. As well as possessing a vast knowledge of the sites and the history, she knows where to park, where to eat, where to shop, etc., etc. The morning our plane was due to arrive in Tel Aviv, a nice fellow passenger who had lived in Israel for many years told us that hiring a private tour guide was the very best way to see the country. We think he was right, and we would highly recommend Dina to anyone else who is looking for a certified guide who is friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient.

Susan Kopperman - November 2013
Susan Kopperman

Our journey to Israel began by finding Dina and her touring company on line! My daughters same is Dina so I knew this was the one. Dina picked up us early at our our hotel in Tel Aviv. My husband and I planned a drive up the sea coast cities and spent the night a friends brothers house in Yuvalem. Dina drove us to his home through winding streets until we found it. What a delightful evening enjoying a bit of local fare. We were picked up the following morning and went to Stzefad where we strolled and enjoyed the beautiful artwork and crafts for sale. I especially enjoyed the hand made candles as I was able to get a gift for everyone. Our last day was in Jerusalem and all it's treasures..being delivered back to Tel Aviv. Dina was most knowledgeable in all areas and gave us insight to the new Israel with all it's young development companies and also being able to discuss how Israel fits in the world arena.
We are already planning out next trip back...Dina was very flexible with our itinerary . By the way she takes amazing pictures and you always look good! SPK

Bruce & Marilyn (Boulder, CO) - November 2013

My wife and I spent a lot of time researching who to hire as a private guide for our trip to Israel...and we selected Dina Horn. Others who traveled with her in the past were effusive in their praise for her skills, personality and flexibility...they were absolutely right. What a great choice. We have visited over 100 countries in our travels and have hired many guides...Dina was the best. We saw more, we learned more and we experienced more than we thought possible in the days we spent with Dina. And when we asked for deviations in our plans, Dina never balked as she accommodated all our adjustments. It was amazing how much ground we covered all over Israel in only a few days and we did not skip anything on out list of what we wanted to experience. What was particularly interesting was how many other guides came up to us as we traveled Israel and told was Dina was the best. Our whole visit was an eye opener punctuated by Dina's teaching and insights.

Judi and Michael - October 2013

We miss you Dina!

My husband and I just returned from our first trip to Israel. We are very independent travelers who like to travel at our own rate and do our own planning. This trip was different. We really wanted to maximize our understanding of history and out current events in perspective. We could not have done this without Dina as our guide. Dina is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer all of our questions, as abstract as they may have been. She is very warm and fun to be with. Her energy abounds and she is ready to GO all during her time with us. She planned a nice balance of museums, archeological sights, parks, landmarks and fun falafel on the street! Our visit included Jerusalem, Dead Sea, Masada, Tiberius, Golan Heights, Akka, Haifa, Tel Aviv and cities in between. Be sure to ask Dina for her personalized map; as it's really helpful to remember the visit when you get home. Israel is amazing...and so is Dina!

Rachel and Jack Federman - August 2013

We had 2 wonderful day tours in Israel from our cruise ship the Holland America Noordam. From the port of Ashdod we had a small tour group of 12 and went to the old city of Jerusalem where we spent several hours visiting many biblical sites. We then went to Yad Vashem instead of the Israel Museum.
From the port of Haifa we traveled in a group of 9 to Tzefad in the Galilee. We then went to Acco ( knight halls & Tunisian synagogue) ending up at the Bahai Gardens on Mt. Carmel in Haifa. Dina Horn was our guide and driver for this trip and we had an excellent tour. On both days the guides were excellent and the touring van of high quality and very comfortable. Would highly recommend this company.

Lindsay Sonia and Rodney - June 2013

Shalom Jolene, I pray that you are well.
I am happy to know that you and your husband wants to go to Israel in the very near future. As I shared with you this week that my wife Sonia and I had a wonderful experience with European United Airlines tour but Dina Horn was our tour guide for three days. Dina is the best as far as I am concern because she is an experienced and certified tour guide who actually lives in northern Israel. Don't know if she is available during the month of July when you and your husband are available to go before you return to US in August. Dina's website is as following: www.enjoy-Israel.com. Please check out her website. Dana's Tel: +972 50-4351334.
Gina will also know if there are other groups sponsoring Holy Land tours during the month of July 2013. As a chaplain, returning from a years' deployment to Afghanistan, going to Israel was perfect trip for me. I wish I could have stayed for 10 days rather than 5 to include my travel from Germany to Israel and back.
I want to thank Dina again for asking me to share a few words on your boat ride on the Sea of Galilee. Wow, it was a beautiful day on the sea and we reflected on the subject of peace. I pray for the peace of Israel and for the peace of Jerusalem. I pray for our personal peace with God. When we make peace with God we are able to have the peace do God. Hope this helps.
Please take good care of yourself and may the peace of God be with you and yours.

Grace and Peace
Chaplain Lindsay

Alan and Loise Wolf - June 2013

My wife and I just spent 8 days in Israel with Dina Horn as our personal guide. We expected this to be a one time trip of a lifetime. This turned out to be an understatement - this was the most inspiring personal journey for the both of us of any trip we've ever taken. In fact, we now plan on going back to Israel sometime in the future! Dina is an amazing, knowledgeable guide who is highly professional and passionate about Israel. We connected with her immediately and within a day or two, it felt like we had known each other forever. She is a fun and friendly person to be with for an extended amount of time -- we loved every minute of every day. What makes Dina stand out as a tour guide is her personal approach ... adapting an itinerary specific to our needs and interests. She guides us through meaningful experiences and shares inspiring stories along the way which makes history and information come alive. Dina's itinerary for us included four days in Jerusalem, one day in Tel Aviv, one day in the Galilee and Golan, and two days in Haifa/Akko/Ceaseria/Safed. We are of the belief that everyone should visit Israel at least once in their lifetime. We can't say enough about Dina Horn - she's the best!!
Visited May 2013

June & Alan Reisberg - March 2013

Hi Dina,

We miss you. Every morning I wake up and for a second I think what adventure will Dina take us on today??? So sad it’s all over. We had the most amazing experience, with your help.

We enjoyed our days with you and learned so much. I am so glad The Commander found you to be our guide. A perfect match.

We hope you are well and that you will be busy with work and that all of your clients will appreciate you as much as we did. You really made our trip special. We kept saying “we miss Dina” the last few days of our trip.

We wish you health, happiness and peace.

Alan (for the whole gang of Reisbergs and Dennens), US.

Andy & Clare Harvey - November 2012

Dear Dina ,

Thank you for the wonderful experience we had with you in Galillee.
We were amazed at how much we did and saw in just 1 day. We felt the pride you displayed when explaining the history of modern Israel. We found your insights to be enlightening and made it a special experience for us. Your life experience with the Palestinians gave us a perspective we did not have previously.

You were a terrific host. We would love to return to Israel one day .
Thank you for a truly magical day .
The memories of the places that we saw will stay with us forever.

Much Love
Andy and Clare, UK

Lela Shipman - October 2012

Our trip to Israel was great and everything we saw as I am looking at my photos is starting to sink in. What a wonderful trip it was! The best vacation ever!! Thank you again for the excellent job you did. I am thinking of our next trip, but next time we must bring our daughter and our son-in-law, whose paternal heritage is Jewish. I want him to experience Israel.

Warm regards,

Lela , USA

Sue, Duncan, Sally and Paul - October 2012

We all had an amazing trip to Israel and enjoyed every moment of our time in your country. The holiday was made all the more enjoyable by having you as the guide throughout our stay. Your knowledge was outstanding and we left feeling we had seen everything that we possibly could within the time scale of our vacation. The expertise that you had was wonderful and as for queue jumping we think you should have a gold medal for the many times that we avoided hours of queues. We all said that we would definitely not have liked to have been on a coach trip waiting around for people as we would have probably only seen half of the many sites we visited. Thank you for making it a holiday to remember and we left feeling that we had learnt so much on our travels.
Many thanks from us all for a well organised tour and meeting such a learned guide and hopefully now a good friend.

Emile Daoud - June 2012

We just completed (June 2012) a 7 day tour of Israel with our entire family (3 kids: 18, 16 and 13) and Dina Horn was our private tour guide. This trip was fabulous! Dina was a huge help. Prior to arriving, she was in constant contact with me and my wife sorting out the details of the agenda. She also helped with accommodations and was mindful of costs and comfort. She also catered our trip to keep it entertaining and educational not only for the adults, but also the children. Throughout the trip, she was flexible and welcomed comments to change the agenda as necessary. She has a wealth of knowledge and is quite trustworthy. Travel was easy, comfortable and safe. We highly recommend Dina!

Karen Mualem - May 2012

Hi Dina,

We had such an amazing trip with you, and can’t thank you enough for all you taught us in a short few days.... you really made me see and understand my country in a whole new way. you’ve also motivated me to read and learn more, as I recognize just how dense and fascinating our history is...and most importantly, we all feel like we have made a new friend. we loved getting to know you, and feel like you became part of our family. We really hope to keep in touch!

I will also send some pictures along once we get our act together.
Big hugs and lots of love,

Karen (and John), N.Y.

Roberta, Teresa, John & Melissa - May 2012

Dear Dina....
My family and I want to thank you so much for the wonderful tour days in Israel. You gave us such an amazing journey in such a short time. I can’t tell you enough how meaningful and special was the experience you provided. It was beyond our expectations and I appreciate everything you did to accommodate our many requests.

We feel the same about you...spending time with you was like having a tour with a close friend or family member and we will always remember you. I have never written a trip advisor review before, but will give it a try when I am at home in my own office. For you I will gladly give a glowing recommendation!!!

Take care and thanks again for everything.

Roberta, Teresa, John & Melissa

Arisona, USA

Lynda and Bruce Al and Eileen, New Jersey From: Jo - December 2011

Dear Dina,
I have to thank you for a wonderful Tour .
We absolutely loved it and it was the highlight of our holiday.
WE have told all our family and friends about you and Israel. Hopefully some will make a trip in the future.
We have made it back home and are beginning to think about we will go at the end of next year.
I hope you and all your family have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

My thanks again.

Steve and Chris Simon - November 2011

Dear Dina,
Chris and I wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we had with you in Israel.
This was the first time we had a small tour group from a cruise ship and it was the best way we could imagine to tour Israel. We were amazed how much we did and saw in two short days. The tour was like coming to visit family and being shown the insider highlights. We enjoyed the pride you took explaining the agricultural development history. We found your insights on Masada history to be enlightening and made it come alive for us. Your experience on the dynamics with the Palestinians gave us a perspective we did not have previously.
You were a terrific host. We are sure we will be returning to Israel.

Steve and Chris Simon, USA

Lynda and Bruce & Al and Eileen - September 2011

Dear Dina,

Thank-you, thank-you, for such a wonderful 4 days, filled with history, joy, and learning. We arrived in Israel with a knowledge only learned from the newspapers, and left with a filled heart and enlightened mind thanks to Dina. Our tour was both Christian and Jewish, since there were two couples of different religions; Dina taught us our faiths and brought the history to us. Your dedication to your job and country, your love of Israel and love of people shine through every day, we saw more than anyone we know in 4 days, but we learned as much, with it ingrained in our hearts.

Thank-you Dina, it was wonderful mazel that we found you! We will be back and look forward the meeting with old friends again!

Shana Tova,Our Love,

Tannenbaum family - June 2011

shalom dina here is a comment about our trip
I hear all the time from people returning from their tour of Israel that their tour guide was the best. I am sure all the guides are very good at their job. I am not sure, however, how many have had to simultaneously manage three restless boys ages 11, 13 and 14, a frequently joking father and a set of elderly, easily tiring grandparents. Dina did it all. She got the Israel story acorss very well. She used great psychology to win over the boys. She defended Israel’s stance to a sometimes doubting father and made sure the grandparents had sufficient places to rest during each day’s excursion. On a trip north to the galilee the highway was blocked by a serious accident. Dina drove two hours out of the way through unfamiliar mountainous roads to avoid a particularly hostile west bank town. She had to revise the itinerary on the spot to make up for the time lost, showing us her resourcefulness and incidentally what a good driver she is. Her love of her subject, warmth and good humor endeared her to us and made our trip more memorable because we experienced it with her.


the grandma

Haward Zein, New York - June 2011

Our family includes my wife and me and 2 children.

On our recently-completed trip to Israel, we did both things that we have never done before. We traveled with another family and we retained Dina to be our guide. What a brilliant idea.
Dina was 50% archeologist, 50% passion, 50% psychologist, 50% cultural and historical expert, and 50% energy. Of course this adds up to more than 100%, but that is Dina for you.
She met us at the airport where we all exchanged simple hugs and hellos. From that point on, we embarked on a magical and demanding journey that took us to 3 or 4 places of note every single day. She engaged each member of our group individually, probing for how we were enjoying the experience. She tried to connect to each member of our group. Gradually, we began to think of her as a member of our family. She was so unobtrusive it was as though we were visiting a cousin, or aunt, or relative in this far off land.
We had the evenings to ourselves where we were able to explore a bit and to rest for the next day.
We were getting our bearings and becoming comfortable in this magnificent land.
When we were dropped off at the airport, I experienced immense feelings of loss. I am sure the others did as well. Dina had succeeded in conveying to us her depth of feeling and passion for this magical homeland we never knew existed.
This sense of loss was also attributable to the fact that we would have to say good bye to Dina. The hugs we shared were far different than the perfunctory greetings we exchanged 9 or 10 days earlier.
For now, we were leaving behind not only our newly found home, but Dina, who had become a member of our family. For us, the memory of Israel and Dina will be inextricably linked.

As our plane took off, we were leaving our homeland and our family.

Howard Zien
New York City

Marj Zein, USA - June 2011

We can’t even begin to express how much we enjoyed this trip.

Now that we are home, we’re able to start really processing all that we saw and did and it was really wonderful. Your guidance was everything that we hoped for and more! We can’t thank you enough.

We will send over some photos when we get them organized.

Thanks again,


Bob and Pat Gentry, Texas, USA - May 2011

Dina, we are Bob and Pat Gentry and we were part of Arlene’s group that you guided last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We are tired, but have many happy memories from our incredible cruise and especially our trip to Israel.

We were so blessed to have been a part of Arlene’s group and to have had you as our tour guide.

Thank you for making it a special trip for us! It was a privilege to visit your beautiful country, and to get to know you.

This trip only heightened our desire to return!

Your itinerary gave us a broad historical and spiritual perspective of the country.

Your knowledge of Israel and the Bible is most impressive - there was no question we asked that you could not answer!

Your humor, enthusiasm and love for Israel was contagious made the trip very memorable for us.

Hopefully one day we can return to Israel with our children and have you as our guide. Thank you again for everything Dina, and may God richly bless you and your family.

Best Regards,

Bob & Pat Gentry

Arlene and Allan Tannenbaum, New York, USA - May 2011

Shalom Dina,

We’re back safe and sound and wanted to tell you what a wonderful three days we had with you exploring part of Israel. It was a pleasure to have met you and be assured that I will recommend you to anyone who will be in Israel. Hopefully, Allan and I will be back for an extended stay.

Again, it was a joy spending the 3 days with you.

Allan sends his very best to you as do I.


Bob and Randy, California, USA - December 2010

Hello Dina:

The words ’Thank You’ do not even come close to expressing our gratitude for your expertise and friendship. Neither of us had an idea of the incredible adventure that awaited us when we arrived in Israel. Somehow, you managed to incorporate so much into the 10 days of our visit. We truly feel like we had an overall exposure to the many aspects of Israel. Our time with you was definitely the highlight of our trip. We now have the task of sorting through our pictures and brochures and revisiting in our minds all the wonderful sights and conversations.

Our experince with you was Phenominal!

Please extend our thanks to all of your family for their wonderful hospitality and generosity. A special thanks to Oshry for looking after us on our last night in Tel Aviv. It was a great adventure for both of us.

With warm wishes to you all...

Bob and Randy

Ankia van der Merwe, South Africa - November 2010

During October 2010, we took a group to Israel. Every one was so excited and we really had such a great expectancy of what we are going to experience in Israel.

On our arrival we’ve met our tour guide, Dina Horn. The moment we met Dina, we realized that this tour is going to be much different than the previous one. She made us all feel so welcomed and loved.

Every day we had so much favour. Every place we visited we had the best spot, the best seats and we had enough time to really experience the Holy Land and not only to visit the places. Dina bend back wards to make sure our group only received the best!

As the week progressed we as a group realized how blessed we were, not only by the new friends, great experience and all the blessings, but also with a new friend, Dina.

Dina, thank you for your part in making this an unforgettable experience. All the Hebrew you taught us, all the laughter together, all your efforts to make sure we only receive the best treatment, is much appreciated.

We will definitely see you next year! You are not only a professional and excellent tour guide but also a very special person and now a dear friend. We love you, Dina.

Malcolm, Janice and Mary, Australia - October 2010

Shalom DINA,

We arrived back safely in the early hours of Thursday morning having had a restful time at Paros and then Mykonos. Janice, Mary, and I, want to say once again how much we enjoyed meeting you and sharing the time together on the recent tour. You are truly one amazing woman and a brilliant tour guide, who cares about your clients.

The information pertaining to the history of your country and your knowledge of the Bible estound us.

You have made the Bible alive for us as following the footsteps of Jesus.
To be able to quote date after date of years gone by in connection with the individual sites and locations left us absolutely gobsmacked.

Dina, words will never express what you have achieved in our individual lives.

Your love and compassion to us were unique, and something that we will never ever forget. You were always eager to go the extra miles over and above what was expected of you, as our guide, to accommodate our requests, ever willing to listen and make constructive suggestions so that we all would enjoy ourselves.

We know for certain that we have been truly blessed in having you as our tour guide

The passion you displayed for the love of your country was amazing.
We will continue to pray for your safety as your travel with other clients, also for the peace that you earnestly long for the Land of Israel.

Blessings to you and your family, we will never forget the time we spent with you and we will return with God’s willing in the near future.

Dina, to any body wishing to tour Israel I’ll strongly recommend your services.
We have already passed your contact details over to our travel agents in Western Australia.

Much love to you and your family from us,

Malcolm, Janice and Mary (Perth Western Australia)

Linda van Gelder - August 2010

Dear Dina,

I have enjoyed my trip to Israel very much, especially when you were with our group. Your spirit, enthousiasm and great knowlegde were fantastic. You gave me the " israelean feeling". Thx so much.


Linda, Holand

Michael L. Saylor - July 2010

Hi Dina,

Just wanted to thank you from all of us for all your help and expert advice during our visit. Your country is so beautiful and you certainly know how to show it to visitors. We had a great time and because of your experience truly maximized our very short visit. Thank you for everything.

Hope to see you again.

Best Regards, your friends.

Michael, Teena, Raymond, Kika and Andreas, USA

Veronica Berlone, USA - June 2010

Writen to OurExplorer tour guide service, by Veronica Berlone

On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best, I would give Dina a 12!!!.

She was awesome. She’s very knowledgeable and professional and was very flexible to our wants and needs.

I would absolutely recommend Dina to anyone going to Israel.

I would use her services again and again.

Karen and Joel Rosen - May 2010

Writen to OurExplorer tour guide service, by Karen and Joel Rosen

Dina was terrific.

She is very gregarious, knowledgeable and extremely friendly.

I would definitely give her a 5 and if anyone asks, would recommend her in a minute.

She helped, a lot, to make even a short trip really wonderful.

When we come back to Israel, we would use her in a minute.

Thank her again for us.

Rebeca Brown, Goldberg - January 2010

Brown Trip

Hi Dina!
We ALL send OUR love, kisses, and hugs to YOU. Like I said before, you REALLY TRULY mean the world to us. We all feel so lucky to have spent the last 10 days with you, and promise you that we will always be in touch with you too - FOREVER. It was so hard to leave you.
You have been such an incredible tour guide. You’ve taught us, kept smiles on our faces, and opened your heart to us. For that and so much more, we LOVE you. We absolutely ADORE you and will miss you more than you know!
"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world."
I just have to tell you that this family trip was a dream come true. After spending just one day with you, I knew that you were going to make this so special for us. With each day that passed, we felt more and more connected to you.. You’ve sparked a new love of Israel in each one of us. It takes a special person to do what you’ve done. I’m already on the computer looking into some opportunities to come back, and I just walked in the door! The way that you opened your home and your heart to us meant more than words can express. I hope you know how much we truly truly love you. I have tears in my eyes just thinking about it. We will remember this trip for as long as we live. You share a special place in our hearts and you’re at the top of my list of huggers =) I still feel them.
I can’t wait to see you in the future! Until then, I’ll see you on facebook and will continue to email!. Good luck on your next tour. Your next group is in for a REAL treat!

Love you!
Rebecca, New York

Goldberg Robin - January 2010

We can’t put into words how special you are and how wonderful you made our tour! We all fell in love with you right away and we feel like you are now a part of our family! We appreciate everything you have done for us to make our trip really special...we loved meeting your family! You have a very amazing family like ours. Our door is always open to you and your family and we love you very much!

We hope that we will see you again very soon...


Robin, Brian, Lauren, and Emily Goldberg.

Pam Valentine - December 2009

Hello dear Dina,

We arrived home safely yesterday morning after a very smooth, long flight, with many, many happy memories from our incredible trip to Israel and a feeling that we were so blessed to have been able to go, and so blessed to have met you and had you as our tour guide. Thank you for making it such a special trip for us! It was a privilege to visit your beautiful country, and to get to know you and meet your beautiful family. We felt we had such a wonderful taste of Israel (and Jordan) that we wouldn’t have gotten any other way, particularly on a big bus tour, and the itinerary you set up for us did just that and gave us such a broad perspective of the country, both historically and spiritually, to the present day. And your knowledge of the country and the Bible is most impressive - there was no question we asked that you couldn’t answer!! It was just what we were looking for, and we felt you gave 150% of yourself to accommodate us and make the trip so memorable for us.

And many, many thanks again to Hanoch (spelling?) for the fabulous meal (feast!!) he prepared for us at your place - another real highlight of our trip! If he’s able to find the name of that Danish cheese we had at breakfast, please send it to me.

I am sitting at my computer right now with a nice hot cup of Louisina tea beside me - delicious!

Thank you again for everything Dina, and may God richly bless you and your family.


Pam, Toronto, Canada

Priscilla Hurd - November 2009

Dear Dina –

we love you! So full of energy – you gave us so much. You taught us so much about your wonderful country. You were the very best guide and left in many hearts a real love for that we never had before. I can’t wait to see you again and your beautiful smile!

Ruth Chait - October 2009

Hi Dina,

We just returned from our trip, yesterday. Words cannot express my deep gratitude to you for making our day in Haifa, one that I will always remember. I was so impressed with all of the places we visited and the knowledge that you shared with us. Also, it was so much fun being with you, since you are a warm, friendly, person - making our tour lots of fun. I hope we will return to Israel someday and be able to tour with you again.


Ruth and Abe Chait , Florida

Carol - September 2009

Hi Dina,
It was so great to meet you and spend 2 days touring. Everything we saw and the in depth information you shared made that part of our trip quite profound. Thank you!

Be well, Carol

Denise Oja - September 2009

Hi Dina,
Thank you so much for a wonderfully enlightening tour of your beautiful country.
We really enjoyed our time with you and the opportunity you gave us to learn so much about Israel! Please let me know when you plan to come to California - I would love to offer you my extra bedroom.

Denise, Californi

Baum Family - June 2009

Well, we’re slowly settling back to ’normal’ life, but it’s good to have pictures to remind us of our trip. Thanks so much for your help making it a terrific vacation. We really appreciated your knowledge, insights, good humor, and excellent restaurant choices

We’d also be more than happy to serve as a reference for you and to recommend you as a guide

Thanks, again, for a very memorable three days

The Baums - Steven, Ashley, Jerry, and Ellen, US

Luciana Petrescu - April 2009

Thank you for a wonderful experience in Jerusalem. It was the best thing it could happen to me, giving me strength and a true sens of life. So I look forward to returning to Israel and having a deeper knowledge of a great place and people

Shalom, Lucian

Larae and Kent - April 2009

Hi Dina!

Kent and I miss you and are so grateful for the wonderful experiences you provided for us in Israel. Not only were you knowledgeable, but you were able to convey the information with great enthusiasm and energy. You have a beautiful country and your history is tied to ours in significant ways. We are brothers and sisters and we wish you and your beautiful land the very best economically, socially and spiritually.

Thank you for your wishes for a nice Easter. We had a wonderful one, surrounded by friends and family….good food, good weather, and reflection on the origin and significance of this most holy Christian holiday.

It meant so much this year for us to be able to reflect back to the Holy Land and the sites (and sights), sounds, smells and tastes. It will forever be a part of my soul. Thank you for the pivotal role you played in that.

With love,

LaRae Scott, U.S.A.

Priscilla Hurd - December 2008

Dina, I miss your beautiful and bright smile first thing every morning on the bus!! And the ‘bokiltove’- I know I have spelled it wrong but you will know what I mean. I will never forget you and will continue to pray for you and your beautiful country. Itsik (Probably spelled wrong too) was the best. Would you tell him I will always remember him too – buying bananas & coffee for us at the ‘puncture maker’ shop!!!! You were right Dina, I think we all fell in love with Israel – the homeland of God’s chosen people. You made our visit an exceptional experience. I still cannot get “Shalom Alecheim” out of my head – I hum it all day long.

I do hope we can all keep in touch and eventually exchange pictures here and there.

Till we meet again,

May God bless you all very much.

Priscilla , Canada

Bobbygale - December 2008

Hi, Dina!

I just finished watching a couple of the video tapes I took. One of them was our first night at the Dead Sea and then our visit to Masada and the Dead Sea swimming. Then I watched the one where we did lots of singing on the bus and it was so good to watch, I had tears in my eyes missing being there right now.

I have given myself a goal of two years so that I can save the money to come, but I am praying that I will be able to come sooner. I am praying for a miracle. I fell in love with Israel and I also love Jordon. I want to spend the time to visit you and to get to know you more as you are such a lovely, dear person!

I miss you!

Lots of love and hugs!


Shirley Platz - December 2008

The Greatest City | That the World May Know

Dina I hear you talking in my head it was not in New York, not in

Chigago not even in Toronto it was right here, as I am going through my

pictures. I love the way you guided us with such passion and love for

your country I will keep you and Israel in my prayers.
Shirly Platz

Bob Martin - December 2008

Dina - you are missed and your enthusiasm and knowledge will long be remembered.

Thank you all for this incredible journey!


Bob & Karen Martin

Mary Johnson & Dr. Vonn Johnson - November 2008

My husband and I are from Jacksonville, Florida, U.S.A. and toured The Holy Land of Israel 1-9 November 2008. This was our fifth trip to The Holy Land and was by far our best trip! My husband is a pastor with a Doctorate degree in Christian Ministry and I have a Bachelor degree in Christian Ministry. Both of us study everything we can get our hands on about Israel and The Holy Land because we fell in love with Israel on our first trip. Dina Horn was our guide for this tour. She is an excellent guide. Dina explains sites from more than one viewpoint and shows alternative sites so that we could decide which suited our beliefs best. She is an exciting guide, always keeping the group upbeat, on our feet and thinking seriously about what she is saying. As Dina guides she teaches history, geneology, archaeology, Torah, Bible, using Scripture to support every site. Dina personalized the tour to us and that made it wonderful! The Lord willing, we will return to Israel and we will request Dina Horn as our guide. She will be an asset to any agency seeking to grow in the tour guiding business!


Mary Johnson, B.Min.

Dr. Vonn Johnson, D.Min.

Maggie & Kirt - November 2008


We miss you already! You will be happy to hear that we sang our Evanhu Shalom Aleheim (I doubt this is the spelling) on arrival in Canada on the plane - along with O Canada - it was like being on Bus #3 all over again!

I hope that we will get to come back ’home’ to Israel one day soon again - you really helped us fall in love with Israel - your passion for your land is obvious.

Love & Blessings,

Maggie & Kirt

Dell Wells and Telford “Bud” Davis - November 2008

Horn, Dina

We have recently had the pleasure of a visit to Israel. Dina Horn was our guide.

Dina is a real professional. She is knowledgeable about the culture, customs, geography, history, and archeology of Israel. Dina knew the answers to almost all the questions we had, but if she didn’t know, she said so. She is an excellent teacher and presented the information she shared with us in ways that made us remember what she said.

Dina treats her tourists as if they were her personal guests. She does everything needed to provide for everyone’s comfort. She is courteous and respectful at all times.

Dina is personable and has good relationships with the many people she needs to do business with to insure the Israel experience is a positive one.

We recommend Dina to you as superior guide. Israel could not have a better representative.

If we can provide any other information, please contact us.


Dell Wells and Telford “Bud” Davis

Durango, CO USA

Randy Sharp and Jeff Blanchette - August 2008

Dear Dina,

This is a photo of the 4 of us taken in Haifa on July 2. Thank you again for the wonderful tour of Israel. We had a great time and look forward to returning some day. (Next time we will NOT travel with 3 strangers that we met on the internet!)

Thank you also for the Israeli sweets that you gave us. They were delicious.

I recommended you to our friends Donald (DK) and Tony who will be in Israel August 14-15. They said you were already booked but arranged for someone else to guide them. I’m glad that Hanoh will be their driver.

We enjoyed our 2 day tour with you very much. Please say Hello to Hanoh for us.


Randy Sharp and Jeff Blanchette

Plainville, Connecticut

Dottie Dickinson - April 2008

Good Morning Dina,

Just now getting back to normal after having been gone for two weeks and coming home exhausted, thankful, and blessed. One of the blessings

was having you as a tour guide. What a knowledgeable, caring, always thoughtful guide you were. Thank you. I have been watching the weather in

Jerusalem and see that it is beginning to warm up. I am looking forward to making the Holy Land excursion again and would hope to have you as the

guide. Every minute was a thrill so I am saving my pennies. Hope this finds you well and busy. The widows mite necklaces were a hit with my family

and would like to purchase a few more. Is that possible?
Many thanks again along with many blessings, Dottie Dickinson ( traveling with the Beaverton Church Tour).

Lorraine and Terry - April 2008

Hi Dina: I wanted to connect with you and express my deep appreciation for

your leadership and service to the Knox group during our tour of Israel.

Everyone in the group has been very enthusiastic in their praise of your

work. Thank you. I will make certain I pass their comments on to Ronin Paldi

at Ya’lla Tours.

I hope your family continues to find peace and support as you mourn your

mother-in-law’s death. Thank you so much for the very meaningful story of

her life that you shared with us at Yad Vashem. We were honoured you were

willing to share that with us during a difficult time.

One thing - as I spoke with you at Azekah, I would very much like to

send you a new bible in contemporary English, and wonder if I could get your

address so I can mail one over to you?

Thank you again for your joyous love of Israel, and for sharing it with us.


Terry Hastings

Eric and Jacqui Diamond - April 2008

We recently had the privilege of being guided through Israel by Dina.

We found her to be very knowledgeable, very engaging, highly

energetic and motivated, inspiring, and very real and human with us.

She gave us a remarkable balance of teachings, ranging from history, to archaeology, to water issues, to sociology, politics, and religious issues.

She was open to learning from us, and was able to be flexible

in meeting our needs, while keeping the tour on time and on track.

She made touring enjoyable and fun, as well as informative. She was always available for questions.

We felt taken care of at all times.

We can say with no hesitation that she was an essential part of our experience in Israel.

Any tour company will be fortunate to have Dina on staff.

Eric and Jacqui Diamond

Gainesville, Florida, US

Lynne Stephen Ethan - August 2007

Dina Horn was a wonderful addition to the tour and group. Her level of enthusiasm and LOVE for the country was evident on a daily basis. She was a warm, caring and eager to please individual whom I personally believe often went beyond her job requirements to ensure that we all left Israel having had a memorable experience. I refer in the above, to her efforts to recitify poor room accomendations, airline issues and even help group members organize social meetings with others outside of our tour group. I recognize the fact that the obligations of a tour guide demand long hours of work BUT she believed that her job required continous endless hours(24 hours everyday). Her committment to your company was apparent in her attempts to even fix issues which I believe may have not been hers butperhaps your responsibility to deal with.(eg.airline problems). Although a positive trait, the negative aspect of her dedication to her job (I found to become quit annoying) was the fact of group members taking for granted her willingness to please without any thought to the fact of her stepping beyond the "call of duty". As a result some group members showed discontent ,unhappiness and anger in situations which should not have been so. Dina always (although difficult) tried to incorporate everyone’s individual needs and requests into our daily schedules. For example we went to an olive factory, Naot shoe outlet in Tiberius and various souvenir shops not listed in our day’s agenda. All of which we all appreciated and for the most part enjoyed.

Finally her ability to deal with various age groups at once was FANTASTIC ! Professionally, with respect she learned how to handle the older population in cases where parts of the trip were to become to taxing on them physically. On the opposite end she tried eagerly to engagethe Bar/Bat mitzvah generation into the history and importance of sites through even usung humor with them on some occasions. In sum she exhibited an accurate understanding of each age group and was able to develop individual relationships (aside from a group one) with us all.

We the Zwirek family left Israel with an everlasting LOVE for the countr and a never to leave us conclusion of Ethan’s Bar Mitzvah Year.

Lynne Stephen Ethan.

Toronto, Canada

Rubin Faith, SANAI TEMPLE - May 2007

Thank you for your guidance and teachings. But most of all, for your attention and caring about us as a group and as individuals. People learned much information about Israel, its history, its successes, its problems and challenges. Your

knowledge is very impressive.

Thank you for the desert pictures. I saved the pictures to show the 9th graders who study Israel.

Please keep in touch.

With love,


Adam Abram - May 2007

Dear David and Malka, Mabat Platinum LTD

I have your bill for the additional services and will take care of that tomorrow, when offices re-open here.

I wanted to let you know that we had a great tour and that we appreciate the thought and attention you paid to setting our itininerary, and to adjusting it as we went along.

I also wanted to pass along my enthusiasm for Dina Horn. We thought she was an excellent teacher and guide with a diverse group. My wife, Roz observed that Dina began building our knowledge in an organized way from the first day. This helped our group stay oriented with regard to the complex history of Israel. Not only that, but Dina was enthusiastic, funny, diplomatic and energetic. We enjoyed touring with her. Please pass our compliments along to her.

Best, Adam Abram

Harley and Judy Sigmon - January 2006

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to recommend Ms. Dina Horn as a tour guide. My husband and I were recently in Israel for a ten day tour and we had the pleasure of being guided by Ms. Horn. She was an excellent addition to our wonderful experience while there. Not only was she beautiful with a corresponding attitude, but gave 110% as a tour guide. She added to our site visits by surprising us and dressing in costume to take on the personality of a lady from those times! She is extremely knowledgeable about your history and conveys it very clearly. She is punctual and kept us on time every day. She accepted the challenge of a very unusual tour with great anticipation. We can personally recommend Ms. Horn for any job you want done well.

Thank you,

Harley and Judy Sigmon

Ridgeway Lane, Lexington, NC

Marilyn & Phil

Hi Dina,
Hope all is well! I just want to say that we so enjoyed meeting you! You really made our trip to Israel extra special! We did so much and learned so much with you as our guide!! It was a pleasure!
Do let us know if you travel to the States! We would love to see you!
Have a Shabbat Shalom and best to your husband!
Marilyn and Phil, USA

Phuong and Aminah

Dear Dina,

We hope this note finds you well rested, hopefully between your busy touring appointments!

Aminah and I want to thank you again for giving us such an outstanding guided tour of northern Israel last week. Your deep knowledge of every corner of Israel; your boundless energy; your extremely lucid and logical explanations; your frankness; and most of all, your profound love of Israel made our 3 days with you filled with truly memorable discoveries. And we must add, we absolutely love your sense of humor. I am so glad that with your help and urging, we were able to re-work our itinerary to spend our time with you: it was so, so worth it! Without you, we would not have been able to see as much, and what we could see on our own, we would not have understood or appreciated as much.

We would love to share with other travellers our positive experience with you, Dina, and we will try to find ways to do so. If you would like us to post something on your website, please let us know how we can do so.

Please accept again our most sincere thanks for taking the time to show us as much of northern Israel as you did, and for sharing with us your frank insights on the history of Israel and also on some of the more contemporary issues facing the Israeli society. We will always treasure those informative conversations we had with you.

With warm regards,

Phuong and Aminah,

California, USA

Ann and Kent

Miss you lots. You were so wonderful and we love you. You were so knowledgeable and made everything come to life. Thank you so much. Love your wedding pictures of you and your son and family. You
beautiful. Again, I hope we will see you again, some time.

Love you lots,
Ann and Kent, UT, USA