Enjoy Israel


Enjoy Israel was founded 16 years ago, 
with the sole purpose of providing tourists 
the experience of a lifetime.

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Your only concern will be the following: To have the most incredible, breathtaking journey in this magical land called Israel.

As my guest you can feel  how  the tour is tailored  to suit your needs. 

Regardless, we strive to make you as comfortable as possible.You can opt for a Classic Tour, a Biblical Tour, for it to be Jewish/Christian oriented, an Ethnic tour, a Treks in Israel tour, a Gastronomy & Wine Tour, or the combination of few.

The tour will give you the opportunity to discover this exotic land:
Touching and feeling its archaeological history, on one hand, and getting to know as well as mingling the local Israelis, on the other hand.
You will experience few ethnic communities and taste their rich gastronomy. Float in the Dead Sea and enjoy its natural wonders!

I'll be very glad to guide you personally, within my availability.

In cases that I'm not available any more, I have the pleasure of working with an excellent team of carefully selected tour guides, am not only highly informed, but also greet you with a smile and serve you with personal warmth & a caring attitude.

We definitely do not settle for anything less than the best.

In regards to the fares, they depend on the hotel, type & size of vehicle, and the amount of attractions you choose to visit.

I'll be more than delighted to travel with you, and provide an experience that will never be forgotten. 




Have any questions? Feel free to Contact me!

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