Enjoy Israel

Shalom my dear guests !

Enjoy Israel was founded 17 years ago, with the sole purpose of providing our guests the perfect experience of a lifetime.

My name is Dina Horn, a private tour guide (Ministry of Tourism licence), and a tour adviser.

My goal is to provide you an unique experience of a multi dimensional adventure on each of the sites / visits / spots of your home land.

We are excited in welcoming you to an unforgettable touring adventure to this legendary land.

Touring with Enjoy Israel, you only concern is the following: To have the most incredible, breathtaking
journey in this magical land called Israel.


        Jesrael Valley of Armageddon

Either you tour with a group, or by your own on a private tour, either your desire is visiting Christian sites, Jewish site, nature, or Israeli modern life, you'll be rewarded by my special guiding of a Multi-Dimensional experience in looking, to listening, touching, feeling, smelling, or tasting.

A designed itinerary, or one of the tour samples, are guided by the Multi-Dimensional view, in depth, that is beyond all your expectations.


The tour gives you the opportunity to discover this exotic land, to Enjoy each and every minute in traveling Israel:
Touching and feeling its archaeological history, on one hand, and getting to know as well as mingling the local Israelis, on the other hand.

You will experience few ethnic communities and taste their rich gastronomy. Float in the Dead Sea and enjoy its natural wonders!

Your tour with me is a unique experience and everything will be set accordingly, making your tour a dream coming true

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