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My name is Dina Horn.

I have been dedicated to tour guiding and assisting visitors to Israel for 14 years now.

During my work I have had the privilege of traveling and sharing experiences with many wonderful people throughout this exceptional country.

For me it is so exciting to travel with you, my dear guests, that sometimes I feel like I’m the one who is visiting Israel for the first time. This enthusiasm accompanies our tour and influences all that you go through as we make sure that you Enjoy Israel.

I invite you to join me in discovering the magic of this exotic land, feeling its history, seeing its varied ethnic communities and tasting their rich gastronomy, floating on the waters of the Dead Sea, enjoying its natural wonders and taking part in all the attractions that Israel has to offer!

There is no doubt that choosing the correct tour guide is crucial for your trip. I make my best to fulfill all your expectations in touring Israel and assure you that I'm only working with the best team of tour guides, who had received wonderful reviews from our clients.

I promise not only to fulfill your expectations as a tourist, but also to link your heart, mind and soul to this country.

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