This day tour combines some of the most beautiful cities in Israel. One of the main advantages of this tour is that it is ideal to enjoy the vibrant spirits of the cities while seeing the beautiful Mediterranean sea. These destinations are most popular to people looking for leisure, on cruise excursions, or seeking some of the most cosmopolitan cities of Israel.

Our day will begin in Caesarea. Built over 2,000 years ago by king Herod the Great, this city provided the citizens with wonders such as flowing tap water to the houses and a formidable port.

In addition to the impressive ruins and the beautiful Roman Theater, it contains a rich Jewish and Christian history. Our stop also includes the romantic aqueduct along the beach that lead the water to ancient Caesarea.

Our next stop is the gorgeous 3,500-year-old city known as Jaffa. The tour there includes a walk among the picturesque and beautifully decorated alleys while enjoying the sight of the art galleries all around.

We will visit the Church of St. Peter and the House of Simon the Tanner. Then, we will admire the view from Jaffa of the sea and the city of Tel Aviv. Following this, we will head toward the meeting point between Jaffa and the first modern Hebrew city, Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv has received many nicknames throughout the years such as: “City of Gardens”, “The city that never sleeps”, and “The White City”. It is truly a city that combines cosmopolitan culture with history.

Driving through the historic streets of Tel Aviv you will find the mixture of cultures in many ways. Hearing many different spoken languages, varied cuisine, interesting museums, and a mostly impressive array of architectural styles which includes the Bauhaus (the reason for its name as “The White City” and its fame as a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

On Tuesdays and Fridays, we can also visit the art bazaar at Nahalat Binyamin and stroll along its beautiful pedestrian walk way.

Finally, a visit to Rabin Square will reveal the history of Itzhak Rabin, and we shall discuss his dream of peace and why he remains so deeply rooted to the history of this country.

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