Our trip today will take us to Acre (Akko), where we’ll visit the Knights’ Halls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The world is filled by some of these Heritage Sites, but none as impacting as the Knight’s Halls. Whether you come on business trips, cruise excursions, field trips, this place will leave you wanting for more.

After descending a few stairs, you enter a 900-year-old world as you explore the only Crusader town in the world. This world contains the original halls and hidden tunnels, as well as the unbelievable history they carry. After exploring the ruins of Crusader’s Halls, we find our way via the Old City into the alleys and all the way down to the port.

Our next stop is the Tunisian Synagogue that features amazing mosaics that describe the Jewish history. Starting with Noah, and concluding in our time, these mosaics are truly a beautiful form of art. In many ways, this place is unique in the world.

The next stop is the mystical city of Safed, known as the Kabbalah world center and basis of the Jewish prayers recited everywhere. We will explore old synagogues, art galleries, its diverse human population and gain a better understanding of the unique pace and lifestyle of this city.

Finally, a beautiful panoramic observation of Haifa awaits on our way back. The Bahai Gardens share the story of a special religion and combines natural beauty and human design in a scale you haven’t seen before. Once here, we will appreciate the surroundings and atmosphere, hear an explanation of the special religion that guards the place and enjoy its luscious surroundings.

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