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We’ll start our exciting tour of the Holy City by driving to the Mount of Olives, enjoying an outstanding observation to the Temple Mount, City of David, and the Old City of Jerusalem.

We will recite a blessing for this happy moment driving down the mount, visiting the Garden of Gethsemane, with the most ancient olive trees in Israel, we will practically be witnessing the biblical scenes before us.

The City of David is truly a remarkable place full of history. Reading Biblical names that appear on the 2700 years old seals is a thrilling experience, all the while we visit the Royal Quarter, quote biblical stories about those leaders and see the 3,000-year-old Palace of this enormous kingdom.

Walk the awe-inspiring Hezekiah’s Tunnel where the same water still flows as it did 2,700 years ago. Stand amazed in front of the “Olympic” pool that King Herod built 2,000 years ago, and walk the ancient Pilgrimage way going to the Wall Street, visiting the steps that lead to the Temple Mount back then, and the last excavations of the Southern Wall (Davidson Center).

Our last visit will be at the Emek Zturim – to participate in the shifting process of the archeological precious excavations from the top of the Temple Mount

Welcome to Israel

There is no place like the Land of Israel for an ideal tour based on biblical archaeology tour.

Israel is home to most biblical events, and in combination with the archaeological excavations it allows us to relive history and be part of one of the most exciting world adventures.

In this tour you will see history brought back to life as you explore the many corners of Israel, listen to the great history of this place, and rediscover some of mankind’s most legendary events.

Even though this tour is very comprehensive, the pace will be dictated according to your comfort. People travelling on cruise excursions, please let us know the details about your stay in Israel so we can plan accordingly and enjoy the most of the country at the proper rhythm, before returning to the port.

The areas below can either replace or be added to the Biblical Archaeology tour:
– Golan Heights, where we inspect archaeological ruins of ancient Katzrin, as well as the flora, fauna, and people of the area.
– The Village of Nazareth, an artificial village demonstrating the Jewish ancient village life with the simple facilities, based on biblical information.
– The Sea of Galilee (Following the Steps of Jesus), followed up by the New Testament inscriptions.

Below you will find the tentative itinerary for the Biblical Archaeology Tour.

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