Tips For Traveling In Israel

Wear very comfortable shoes. The streets of Jerusalem can be hilly and uneven in places.

Keep your hands free! No one wants to walk around the city holding a  soaking wet umbrella and ten different shopping bags. A rain hat and poncho (or raincoat) are a lot easier to deal with than an umbrella. Keep your purchases in your day pack. You'll be less tempted to spend too much as the pack gets heavier.

When entering a mosque, be sure to take your shoes off. Be sure to wear modest clothing when visiting any religious shrine.

Three languages are spoken in Israel: Hebrew, Arabic and English. Communications should not be a problem.

Magen David Adom (the Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross) provides 24-hour emergency medical service in most of the urban centers. Magen David Adom also provides ambulance service to the nearest emergency room.

If you are planning to travel on to Egypt or Jordan, you'll need a visa which is obtainable at the borders of these countries. Have your passport stamped on a separate piece of paper when leaving Israel.

Bring a Bible along with you. It could very well be your best guidebook for Israel.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Police - 100
Magen David Adom - 101 (Emergency medical services)
Fire Department - 102


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