Departing Israel

Security Check
Airport security in Israel is probably one of the most strict in the world. Therefore, it is essential to arrive ahead of time to board your flight and have all your documentation ready when requested. It is advised to arrive 3 hours prior to your departure time. There are different security check lines separating passengers with Israeli passport from those with foreign passports in order to shorten the waiting time.

Passport Control
After going through the security check in the departure hall, passengers continue towards their next stop, the passport control. Here, one must present their passport, airline ticket, and any form you may have filled up upon your arrival, so make sure to have these documents ready so that you have more time to rest at the duty-free shops.

Early Check-In Service
Some airline companies offer an “Early Check-In” service, if the company you have chosen to fly with offers this service, it may save you some time from the stress of airport formalities. If you have checked-in early, you may arrive an hour and a half before the departure time of your flight and proceed directly to the passport control. For more information about early check-in, you may contact the airport information service (972-3-9755555) or visit the Israel Airports Authority website.

Exchanging Shekels for Foreign Currency
The Ben Gurion Airport has a few places to exchange leftover currency. The service is offered up to 500 USD (or its equivalent in other currencies). Any amount over 500 USD and up to 5,000 USD can be reconverted using bank receipts proving the original conversion of the foreign currency.


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