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The Land of Israel is one of the most thrilling, welcoming and comfortable places in the world for you to visit. In addition to being an extremely accepting, gay friendly and open-minded society, Israel will also make you feel like you've come back home.

The concept of 'live and let live' is incredibly powerful Dizingof Square fountainhere, explaining both the essential role the gay community in Tel Aviv plays for the city's population and Israel's being the strongest gay community in the Middle East, as well as a leading one in the world.

It's not a rare sight to see gay couples strolling the streets of Tel Aviv, hugging, sometimes with their children. This city, full of coffee shops, restaurants, and night clubs, is brimming with colorful figures and activist groups, as can be seen in the artists' market promenade, the presence of Darfur refugees who have been welcomed in Israel, nude model paintings on the beach and many more.

The country is a rich mosaic of ethnic and religious groups, each with long-standing ties to the land. This fact has led to people being tolerant and open-minded. In addition to the rich history and many adventurous sites that Israel has to offer, you'll get to discover  the ethnic cooperative on the one hand and the complicated relationships that exists here, on the other. As soon as you let me know your expectations, wishes and fields of interest, I'll design a special itinerary fitting your preferences specifically.


A few interesting facts about Israel:

It is a leader in the archeological excavation field; contains the biggest number of museums in the world per capita; consists of five different climate zones in an area of just 22,000 kilometer square; has a huge number of endemic flowers; being on the path of bird migration, many kinds of birds rest there on their journey; considered the holiest place for the three major religions in the world (Judaism, Islam, Christianity), as well as the world center for two other religions (Baha’i and Ahmeds).

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