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A hiking eco tour is an extraordinary experience that defies description. Beyond the indisputable beauty of Israel's landscapes, there's also the rich, exotic and diverse flora and fauna of the country and there is an ethereal sense of the past coming alive.

Our hike in the Golan Heights will be heart-stirring, as Eco-Hiking Tourswe rappel through three waterfalls and swim through five great pools of water. On our way, we'll see one of the most magnificent views of the Sea of Galilee.

We'll also rise early to see the glowing sunrise over Masada, the fortified natural mountain which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We'll trek in the Judean Desert, where we'll climb a canyon along a riverbank and see a fish-filled river flowing below, not far from where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Alternatively, we'll enter a huge underground cave and, through a tunnel, emerge to discover gorgeous, natural flowing springs. After trekking in that amazing valley, passing its hidden narrow gorges, we'll float on the Dead Sea waters.

We'll travel to the enchanting, golden city of Jerusalem and learn the secrets hidden behind its walls and tunnels, feel the city’s heart through its stones, churches, synagogues and ancient history.

At the Negev desert we'll observe the agricultural wonders developed and explored by Israeli experts despite objective desert difficulties. We'll also explore the diverse communities living here.

Another treat will be experiencing life as it might have been in our forefathers' time, 3000 years ago, when we'll spend the night in a Bedouin tent. We'll learn about their culture, partake in a feast and have the choice whether to go on a thrilling twilight hike or a camel ride in the moonlight.

The hiking eco tour brings you face-to-face with nature, from stark mountains to lush greenery and carpets of flowers; from a free-roaming leopard and ibex to a wide variety of migrating birds; from flowing rivers to arid desert. By trekking, you'll fully get to know the land and nature of Israel.

A special itinerary will be custom prepared for each group by me personally.


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