Archaeology Tour

For anyone interested in archaeology, traveling through Israel is a dream come true. The amount of history present here is breathtaking and the thrill of uncovering these treasures from the past is a treat like no other.

At any given time, top Israeli professionals can be An archaeological finding by one of my guests.found conducting archeological expeditions and fascinating projects at numerous sites throughout the country. The work being done here is fascinating and many expeditions allow volunteers, who are willing to get their hands dirty, join their diggings.

In addition to the renowned archaeological sites available on other tours, we will have the unique chance to visit places where almost every day a new treasure from the past is uncovered such as the King David's Palace or the King Herod's Tomb, which have been recently exposed.

These excavation ventures, together with the Bible and historical records, will help us investigate the many events of the past witnessed in Israel. This will also enable us to link the past with the present and get a better understanding of our roots.

As your tour guide, I will customize the itinerary for each group, no matter what size, in accordance with your needs and expectations.


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