Planning a Trip to Israel

As you make your decision to travel to Israel,  it is my sincerest wish for all of you to Enjoy Israel and to have the best possible experience in this country. You can use this web site to get  ideas for visiting Israel.

Since every tour is especially customized to suit your needs, here are some questions that you'll need to answer when planning your trip.

When are you planning to visit Israel?

My tours can start and finish any date you wish and anywhere you wish. Whether you arrive by air, sea or land, I’ll be there to welcome you.

Who is traveling?

How many participants are coming? How many adults and how many children? What ages?

How do you wish to travel?

Is it an organized group or are you interested in a private tour?

Where would you like to stay?

If needed, please tell me the type of accommodation you require and leave the rest to me, as I usually can get the best rates for you. If you wish to make the reservation by yourself, I will be glad to suggest the hotels that best fit your itinerary and budget.

What would you like to see?

Go to my "must see" list and let me know what you have in mind and I will build a tour accordingly. Alternately, have a look at my sample itineraries for ideas.

What’s next?

Once you send me this basic information, I shall contact you for final details, an offer of itinerary and price.

If you want to have some extra time for planning I will be more than happy to assist you - we will do it together, step by step, with all the time and information that you need.


Private Tours

A private tour is the ideal way to see the land in optimal time and according to your desires. It befits a small group, such as a family, a small group of  cruise passengers or businessmen having a free day in their schedule. This is the best way to travel in Israel, guided by nothing but your own interests, time and pace.

I encourage you to contact me directly and experience my service firsthand, including the planning of an itinerary that follows your expectations, developing unique programs, coordinating trip logistics and managing overall quality.

I own several touring vehicles and find that the 10 seater Mercedes 2011 model fits the highest touristic standards (for more details about this vehicle, click here). I also work with some of the best professional tour drivers available in Israel.


Group Tours

Booking a group tour with me as your tour guide definitely has its advantages. Whether it’s complimentary champagne and chocolates or your own private party, you can choose from special amenities just to add fun and interest to your tour.

It is also possible to hire my services as a tour guide when using a tour agency’s services for logistical support by requesting me as your group’s guide. In addition to this, you may choose to have me as your personal representative in order to hire the best services at comfortable rates at the most reliable tour agency I work with.


Have any question? Feel free to Contact me!

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