Places You Cannot Miss


Mountain of Olives

A visit on the mountain, including the most beautiful observations to the city of Jerusalem, it’s an a experienceJerusalem City Tour
which you carry alway with you for ever. It has a deep importance for the Jewish as well as for the Christian tradition.


Explore Jerusalem, the holiest city in earth, in verious of ways.
Tave a couple of days, or at least a couple of hours in strolling the allies of old city of Jerusalem visiting in several "must see" sites, and then, wandering around the beautiful modern streets of western Jerusalem as Ben Yehuda Street, or King David street.

Wailing Wall Wailing wall

The holiest Jewish place in the world, remains of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount. Open 24 / 7.
Modest clothing needed.

Western Wall Tunnels

Take a walk at the main street next to the Western Wall, excavated 30 years ago, used the Shopping Mall of your encestors 2000 years ago: You know at least one Jewish person name, who walked on the same tiles as you are now.

City of David

Great archaeology excavations reveal for us several layers of History, that you watch, listen, touch and feel -  the life as it was 3000 years ago, the water system, the main street, and the big 2000 years Silwan pool.

Yad Vashem

Most comprehensive, and open minded Holocaust museum.
If you have enough time, it is recommanded to visit also  the Children’s Pavilion, and the Valley of the Communities

Museum of Israel - Dead Sea Scrolls

The original most important archeological inscriptions that were found in the world.
Those are 2000 years old wrriten scrolls discovered in the 20th century.
Were found in Judea desert and now are exhibited in the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum.

Church of Holy Sepulcher


​Church of Holy Sepulcher

The Golgotha, and the Tomb of Jesus, are both in that church.
One of the three holiest world christian shrines, and the last 5 stations of the Via Dolorosa.


Christian Must see sites:

Garden of Gethsemane

At the feet of Mount of Olives - a land scape of an Olive Oil press - located in the around area where Jesus was arrested - Mistyrios old Olive trees... Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb

A relaxed wonderful garden who suggest another option of the cruisafiction of Jesus.


The North

Bahai Gardens in Haifa Ba'hai Gardens in Haifa

Magnificent Hanged Bahai Gardens on the Carmel MNT, is certainly something that you can’t miss. As you’ll be there you’ll understand my meening.


Sea of Galilee

The biggest as well as the smallest, since it’s the only fresh water lake in Israel, attracts us not only because its beauty and resorts coasts, but mainly to observe the history through the region, the ancient ruins in the area and the excavations around it.

Following the steps of Jesus - around the Sea of Galilee, is one of the highest speritual experiences for every Christian. The journey after Jesus ministory, goes furthur to Nazareth, the City that he was raised up.

The Knight Halls

UNESCO World Heritage site. As you descend one floor, you find yourself in a 1000 years old world run by the Crusaders. The walk in the contemporary city of El-Jazzar 
built only 225 year ago.

CaesareaCesarea Archaeology

Archeological site, containing a city, built by Herod the Great, which water had flowed to its citizens’ taps through water pips system, 2000 years ago. Built as a Roman fancy city, including the most prograsive port in the world. It has also a great importance on the Christian, as well as the Jewish history.


One of the four holiest Jewish cities in Israel together with Jerusalem, Tiberias, and Hebron, it is also the world mystical kabala center.
The city is located on top of the upper Galilee, observing a beautiful relaxing view, telling its stories through the old allies, and the Galleries pedestrian part.

Jordan RiverJordan River

It is the most famous river in world. You might find religious interest, various Biblical stories concerning the river, social political issues following the history, renew your agriculture insight, or being a geology or geography mid-way on the Big Syrian African rift.




The Dead Sea

The lowest place, as well as saltiest sea in earth. It contains various of minerals, which are produced also as the known healthiest cosmetic projects in world.

Masada - UNESCO World Heritage Archaeology site

Presents an amazing emotional human real story, happened 2000 years ago. The tragic story gets a special meaning through a thin string to the contemporary  history of the state of Israel.


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