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As you’re planning your trip to Israel, you might find yourself wondering which sites to choose. It's a small country, yet amazingly also one of the richest in the world in many fields. This fact gives you a unique opportunity to cover a fascinating country with so much to offer in relatively little time and over a small area. My classic tour allow you to capture the very essence of it. As my guest, I try my best to make sure we Enjoy Israel together, while always keeping in mind your needs and desires.

There are so many reasons why people are Capernaumattracted to Israel.  For some, it’s the sun-drenched climate, for others it’s the rich variety of sites and sights – historical, archaeological, religious and all simply beautiful. For others still, it’s the fascinating contrast between the ancient and the modern.

Whatever motives bring you here, I'll make sure all your hopes are satisfied. Being your tour guide, I’ll lead you to contemporary sites and museums, combining a rich, illustrious history with a tourism infrastructure that caters to every vacation taste. Glorious beaches, bustling cities, nature reserves, health spas, religious shrines, shopping malls, markets, artist colonies and concerts in the park, to name a few. Israel is a world class destination with cultural attractions that range from ancient to modern. With more museums per capita than any other country and a fabulous club scene, there's something for everyone. Hiking is also popular in the country's varied landscape while Tel Aviv, Tiberias and Eilat offer great swimming, windsurfing and sailing.

During my classic tour, I attempt to share with my visitors as many adventures as time permits. Testimonials from many tourists who traveled with me, whether for the first time here or not, recount an instant feeling of familiarity. Indeed, a journey through the Holy Land is not only unforgettable, but is also a strong emotional experience that you can’t have anywhere else in the world.

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