Bat / Bar Mitzvah Family Tour Itinerary

Welcome to your Bat / Bar Mitzvah legendary tour in Israel !!!

Is there a bigger excitement for a family than to travel together, fulfilling the traditional Jewish Bar Mitzvah Alia Latorah & celebration, combined with an unforgettable adventurous tour in Israel???

This piece of land is an amazing country, unique in the world, where you have the history fitting and even stepping in Arcaeological discoveries, while you can really touch your ancestors’ life. Learn about ancient Anthropologic cultures on one hand, and contemporary life in the mosaic cultural population you meet, on the other hand; Enjoy Israel with different cities, either the religious of Jerusalem, or the City that never sleeps - Tel Aviv.Mitzvah Family Tour

I always claim in family tours, that a happy child, makes everybody happy.   That's why, I try to to mix a lot of fun, pleasure, experience, adventurous, attracted and even extreme sites, with this fascinating country's heritage tour.

Attractive options of celebrating an unforgettable Bar Mitzvah & Alia Latorah
1. On top of Masada 
2. Kotel, Wailing Wall
3. Robinson's Arch, South temple Mount

Day 1

Your journey in Israel, begins with a ridden tour in Tel Aviv, built 110 years ago, still called the "First Hebrew City in the World", emerging the atmosphere, the beach, and observe from the car, "the city that never sleeps". Paying a visit at the Independence Hall, will lead us later to have a nice stroll through Rothschild Ave. to the picturesque Neve Ztedek small allies.
At the Rabin Square, we talk about Izhak Rabin and his "fights" for peace. The role that Rabin square is used today for youth and especially social protests – is connected directly to the events of 1995.
The friendly fascinating museum of Hapalmah, opens another chapter of the duty of youth in this country.

Caesarea, an ancient 2000 years old city, built by the master of constructions, King Herod, having the best port in world, flowing water to taps' citizens - is your next visit.  
Every year for about 45 years already they discover more excavations, one is more amazing then the other. 
Our next adventure in Alona Park is walking in ancient Herodian tunnel that brought water from the slopes of Mt. Carmel to Caesarea. The fresh water in the tunnel are clean and nice.
Overnight in Haifa.


Day 2

After a spectacular view from the Panorama st. in Haifa to the. Bahai Gardens & Bay of Haifa & young old city  
Heading to Akko, you'll discover a city who paid taxes to the Pharos's 4000 years ago, mentioned in the bible, and was in its glory on the crusader period in the 11th century.

By descending one floor, you step back 900 years in time to the only crusader town in the world. 
Visiting the Knight Halls, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site, containing hidden tunnels, and secret niches, is an adventure that you read in fairy tales, but still you are walking through it.
Strolling the Old City alleys (built 230 years ago), leads us to the singular and gorgeous 4 stores of Jewish history mosaic at the Tunisian Synagogue.

Your next stop is the adventurous Rosh Hanikra, with underwater shafts and caves. In the late afternoon, you will stroll in the nearby Kibbutz.   
An option: Kayak boats at Rosh Hanikra.
Overnight in Haifa.

Day 3

Your day will start at the mystical city of Zefat, one of the 4 holy Jewish cities in Israel, who has created an impact for 500 years already on the Jewish prays, and services all over the world. We visit at least one synagogue, try to absorb the atmosphere and pace of life in this spot.        
Take some time to watch / enjoy / shop at the art galleries.
Continue north, at the feet of Mount Hermon lies the luscious Tel Dan Nature Reserve.          
It has several perspectives: Beauty calm biggest source of water in Israel, lays in a fascinating park, where you can reveal historical, archeological and political involvement. 

By crossing the Jordan River and driving up to the Golan Heights, and observing the valley, we understand better the Geographic problems of this area. 
Getting to the Bental, an amazing view to the land of Syria, will simpler the past as well as the present relationships between the forces beyond the border, and the mystery of their relationship with us here.
The 2 attractions: Jeep ride, and kayaking the Jordan River – are  experiences that you cannot miss.
Overnight in the area.


Day 4

Driving south through the Jordan Vally, lightens the view of Gilad Mountains & east coast of the Jordan, as well as the state of Jordan, connect it to our Biblical knowledge, and to the contemporary news in the word. 

Stepping in Jerusalem, we'll be amazed to find a legendary breathtaking view of the Old City and Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. 
We bless together "Sheheheyanu", and contact your knowledge with the site in front of you.
The city of Jerusalem is the ideal area to expose it in Multi-Dimensional method, by learning aspects & searching in a deep and insight each spot and story.  .

Your visit at Jewish Quarter, where two entirely different worlds are built one above the other, includes the sights of life and events from 2700 & 2000 years ago: first temple period and second Temple period. 

The tours includes the Roman and Israeli Cardo, the Wide Wall, you’ll also see interesting synagogues, archeological discoveries, the Herodian Quarter, the Burned House and finish at the Western Wall. 

Wailing Wall, the most sacret spot for the jewish world. You may put a note in between the rocks, pray, or just wonder around.

Continue to Western Wall tunnels in walking on the same tiles looking at the same wall, and thinking of the same human issues that your forefathers had 2000 years ago, and even more. 

Day 5


The Bat / Bar Miztvah  at 8.30 at the Wall, is the biggest event that all of you are here in Jerusalem.Dinaberg Family Tour
The child becoming an adult, stands in the most meaningful spot, the holiest one of the Jewish nation, where people prayed for 2000 years to get to: Next Year In Jerusalem, they said…and now your child fulfill the desire of so many generations.
We are in Davidson Center, an archeological garden you’ll examine the southern ruins along with the huge stones that were thrown down by the Romans. 
From the southern steps, which led to the temple, we continue together with our guests to the City of David. 
We'll observe the palace dated to 3000 years old and try to solve the puzle the name of the king who had lived here (Kings David or Solomon ???). It is a wonder how the Archeological sience gives us so much identical information with more than 50 seals dating to 6th century BC having in some of them the same names mentioned in the bible.  
Walking the Hezekiah tunnel, is much more than a nice adventure to remove the water with every step, but mostly realizing that this tunnel was built by hands, cause of a security reason, to save the city – 2700 years ago. 

At noon, you'll have a great Bar Mitzvah feast .

Day 6

One of our highlights is Masada, the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, built by King Herod, you’ll explore the excavations while learning in depth the events taking place here 2000 years ago.
If you've decided to have the Bat / Bar Mitzvah on Masada, the place will be arranged for you, and the guests will come up cable car.

In performing the Alya Latora on Masada fortress, you strengthen the affinity  your  your child has to his heritage, and his  bond to the state of Israel.

After, we'll continue for our tour on the Masada, learn to know the Jewish community's every day's life, the war, and discuss either it is a tragedy, or a heroic story of the fighters in the big rebellion. Thinking about the terrible dilemma the rebels' families had in their last minutes and how this heritage is connected to the modern State of Israel.
You’ll relish the Dead Sea's waters which are the saltiest in the world and therefore allows for effortless floating. A walk through the oasis of the Ein Gedi nature reserve will allow you to recount the stories of David and Saul 

Dead Sea's waters Tour

that happened right there. A visit to Qumran is next, the place where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and after some rest and coffee or ice cream, you will be heading back to your hotel in Jerusalem.


Day 7

Today we open our day by driving to Gush Eztyon, and having a fun attracted event, at Caliber 3.
For smaller kids, I'd recommend the Sataf Valley easy hiking trip to learn and even participate in working in ancient agriculture on Judean Mountains. 
Psalms 125:2, rehabilitated agriculture from 3000 years ago. The children in the group will be able to crawl through the tunnel which the spring’s water flow in, or enjoy a swim in the ancient pool. 

The Israel Museum will await you, where the Shrine of the Book is a home to the Dead Sea scrolls and a magnificent model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period is located.

On your way you’ll observe the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and the great Menorah at its entrance.
Before return to your hotel, we pass by the Prime Minister's house, the President's Mansion, and the Mea Shearim neighborhood.

Day 8

Today each one of you becomes officially a young archeologist, participating excavations, digging and exposing actual ancient ruins, might find treasures / coins / pottery.

This area speaks bible, tells us bible, show us bible, and we can actually touch the ancient spots: Simson's area, Bet Shemesh, Ha'ela valley (where the buttle of David and Golayat took place).

The Ayalon Institute, which used to be one of the top security secrets underground bullets factory -   is our last stop. 

As evening falls, we'll tearfully part with Shalom and Lehitraot at the airport… until next time!


This is only a sample of itinerary. I'm flaxible with my guests desires, and we can design the itinerary fitting your needs, of course.

1. The orders of days can be changed by opening times. The of Jerusalem can be first and then the north, by your wish. 
2. This itinerary is basic. It may be changed and custom designed for each group of guests by their expectations & by their fields of interests.