Israel Classic Tour - 9 Days

My dear Guest!

I welcome you to Enjoy Israel in such a unique adventure of Multi-Dimensional experience.
It is your land, your history, and your ancestors that we are going to follow. 
The modern achievements of this state are your proud, since this is your country….
In your visit you discover the specialty of touring this particular piece of land.    

By Archeologic discoveries, fitting the written history, combining our senses, and enjoy my Multi-Dimensional guiding in listen, watch, read, feel, and literally touch the past = bring up the past to live.

Day 1 – Welcome to Israel!
Our exciting meeting at the Ben Gurion airport, leads us ahead right through the history way to Jerusalem. 
We start our tour on Mount of Olives, in which we'll bless "Shehehianu" while observing the phenomenon view of the Temple Mount and the Old City. 

Next...  you step in the Jewish quarter of the Old City. , with its synagogues, and happy energy at the central square of the   

You survey the ruins at the quarter corresponding with biblical stories. We follow the amazing subterranean thousands of years ancient city beneath the 21st century housing. 
You inspect the Israeli contemporary Cardo, the Roman Cardo, the Hasmonean Tower, the Wide Wall, the Herodian Quarter and finish at the, Wailing Wall, continue to Western Wall tunnels in walking on the same tiles looking at the same wall, and thinking of the same human issues that your forefathers had 2000 years ago, and even more. 

Day 2
Today, you're going to stroll the plaza of the Temple Mount, see it's size, remember it's past, observing the spiritual atmosphere of the people who tour the place, or the Muslims who worship there.
 Leaving the Temple Mount plaza, directly to the Muslim quarter, in which we can learn about the population, the architect & ornaments of the houses, smell & taste the species, the bakerie's fresh pastry, or any local food. 
Taking a small break at the Austrian motel, we take an observation point of the city from it's roof. We go through the Arab Market, to see the most beautiful Gate – the Damascus Gate / Nablus Gate / Colom Gate. 
We take a walk along the Muslim Cardo, getting to the Christian Quarter, visiting (option) the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which counts to be one of three most sacred in the Christianity. 
For relaxation, we'll continue our day by having a driven tour around the neighbor hoods, including the Mea Shearim, a full circle around the walls of the Old City, Prime Minister's house, the President's mention area, and more. . 

Day 3
First adventure of today is the special tour of the City of David, emphasizing its affinity to these days. It is thrilling to read in the Bible names that appear on the 2700 years old stones, to view David’s Palace and to walk the awe-inspiring Hezekiah's Tunnel. 
Next, we visit the Davidson Garden, called also the Ofel, understanding better the structure of the levels.
Our next stop is the Emek Zurim, in which you go through an amazing experience, and deeper your understanding of the archeologic branch in Israel. You have here an option of sifting archeologic material from the second Temple Mount. (One of my clients, Mrs. Gerztuk has found a 2000 years coin in the dust). 
The finale to this day is the Israel Museum, housing the Dead Sea Scrolls and an incredible model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period. 
If time permits the tour to Yad Vashem will take place now, and if not, we combine it in another day.

Day 4
The Dead Sea is not only the lowest place on earth, but also because of its elevation, the area around absorbs the lowest sun radiation in earth.
As if the Desert rests during day touching a fat morgana large body of water - you cannot imagine, not even by pictures, until you see it with your own eyes.
On the way, we pass by the Qumran caves where the first Dead Sea Scrolls where found.
While driving by Ein Gedi, we'll learn about the confrontation between David and Saul that took place right there.
One of the highlights in our tour, is Masada, the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, built by King Herod. You tour the site, while realizing the terrible events taken place here 2000 years ago, knowing that they were part of your people. 
Our discussion either it is a tragedy, or an heroic story of the fighters in the big rebellion, raises also contemporary personal problems. Think about the terrible dilemma the families had in their last minutes and how this heritage is connected to the modern State of Israel.
The Dead Sea is our next stop for some fun and relaxation. This is the lowest spot in earth, having the lowest radiation in earth. While floating on the relaxed, saltiest water, you may read your newspaper. 

Day 5
Driving to the Judean Lowlands, we pass through Samson’s homeland, between Tzora and Eshta’ol, and track his actions there. In Bet Shemesh we see the large valley where the Ark of the Covenant had been returned back to Israel by the Philistines and observe the area where the famous battle between David and Goliath took place. 

We continue to the National park of Beit Govrin, to tour the land of a thousand caves & exposing an amazing hidden world.
Day 6
Northbound, we travel through the Jordan Valley. On our way, we pass by Jericho & along the Jordan River, observing the agriculture on both sides of ithe Jordan, and the modern Israeli developments in the aria. 
You visit Bet Sean, which is one of the 10 Roman Decapolis, used as a big alive city, an example to the prosperous Roman world.
Driving up to Mount Gilboa, brings us to a a breathtaking observation of the Jezreel Valley. You can imagine in your mind the battle between Gideon and the Midianites taken place exactly in front of you. 
We also talk about the last war of King Saul as we explore the Bible for more details. 
Next, you seek out the site where Queen Jezebel took over Naboth's wine yard at Tel Jezreel and executed him. 
Driving to Tel Megiddo, the prophetic site of Armageddon, (by the Christian Revelation book). we talk about daily life during biblical times, discuss some important Geo-political facts and enjoy the beautiful view.
On our drive to Mount Carmel, we stop at the Muhraka, where Elisha performed the famous competition between God and the 450 prophets of Baal. 
We have a traditional Druze meal in one of the Druze families hospitality.
Overnight in Haifa.

Day 7
On our way to the north, we'll stop at the Jewish City, Ztefat.
The visit in this city, which is the World Cabalah Center, includes the Haari Synagogue, observing the religious modern life in Zefat, side by side with the traditional religious ones, and strolling the shopping bazars art galleries area. 
Continue our drive, we are heading to Dan Natural Reservation, where one of Israel's most important springs is flowing through. The Dan river is one of the largest water souses of Israel, used always in all times wisely. It contains one of the most amazing archeological founding's of the ancient town of Dan. You link this 2700 years old site to the Bible’s written word, have the feeling that you witness your forefathers who lived there. 
Golan Heights, where we inspect an ancient synagogue, as well as the flora, fauna and people of this zone.
Observing the area of Syria, gives you a deeper understanding of the political forces over the border, while observing the west of the Golan Hieghts, gives you a better understanding of the existence issues of the people who live there.
If time permits, we'll visit a winery.
We try to have a meeting with one of a Kibutz member to learn more about the Kibutz settlement, and the life in the area.
On our way back, we'll pass by the Sea of Galilee and stop for a short deep.

Day 8
Our day starts with a drive to the north, stopping by the city of Akko.
Here we pay a visit to the Knight Halls, known also as the UNESCO world heritage site. By descending one floor of steps, we'll meet the 900 years old Crusaders Halls remains, the tunnels, the halls, the quarter and more.
The contemporary city was constructed about 250 years ago. Strolling the Oriental market, observing the domes of the mosque, heading to the Old Port, will give us some Turkish / Arabic taste of this city.
You'll be surprised from the incredible Tunisian Synagogue - unique in the world. 
Rosh Hanikra, where we will encounter the breathtaking limestone grottos, on the border with Lebanon, along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.
A gorgeous observation of the city of Haifa on top of Mount Carmel starts our day, providing a view of the Baha'i Gardens, Haifa's bay and the Western Galilee. 

Day 9
Our day begins in driving to Caesarea, built by Herod the Great, 2000 years ago, providing the citizens with wonders such as connection to sour system, and flowing tap water to the citizens, with the most incredible formidable port. 
In addition to the impressive ruins and the beautiful Roman Theater, it contains a rich Jewish and Christian history. 
We also stop by the romantic aqueduct at the beach that leaded the water to the city.

You continue to one of the oldest cities in the world, 4000 years old – Jaffa, in which we walk among the picturesque and beautifully decorated alleys while enjoying the sight of the art galleries all around. You can follow the ancient history by puzzling its ruins to the other places you visited & Elamarna foundlings in Egypt. 
Next to Jaffa, with the same city hall authorities, is located Tel Aviv.
Tel Aviv is called also "The first Hebrew city in the World"; " City of Gardens"; "The city that never sleeps"; and "The Wight City".  
While driving through the streets of Tel Aviv, following the verity mosaic of people strolling along, we can estimate the energy of this city: Selebs in the past and in contemporary times, or the various architect styles including the Bauhaus, gave the city the name: "The White City" (UNESCO World Heritage site).             
If it is Tuesday, or Friday, we'll be lucky to visit also the Nahalat Binyamin Art Bazar pedestrian walk way.
It is wise to visit also museums as "Hapalmah", "Independent Hall". 
At the Rabin Square- We'll talk about the man, and about his Dream of Peace!   rd the meeting point between Jaffa and the first Modern Hebrew city, Tel Aviv.
At the Rabin Square- We'll talk about the man, and about his Dream of Peace!    
Have two free days in Tel Aviv, for relaxation, and engaging the city that never sleeps.

Your homework is now to tell everyone about your unforgettable tour and Enjoyable time in Israel, in tempting other people to visit their land.
For those who stay longer, your options are unlimited in Israel. For example, you may visit the Negev including the Ramon Crater, and other attractions in the region.