Itinerary With and Without Children for 10 Days

My dear guests…

You're welcome to the magic land!

I'm positive you'll have an extra ordinary life time tour….


You're welcome to the magic land!

I'm positive you'll have an extra ordinary unforgetable tour….


Day 1- Tel Aviv & Jaffa

Our tour will start in Jaffa. This city contains in addition to its rich 4000 years history, also picturesque art galleries, the, the quaint alleys, the port, the mixture of population and the great view around it.

Then, we'll take a mobile tour of Tel Aviv most speakable streets, getting to know the White City (Unesco Heritage Word Site) We'll visit the Independence Hall, where the young State of Israel's was announced by  Ben Gurion on May 14th, 1948 . The active Palmah Museum – a light & Sound show demonstrating the situation before the state was established, by the youth activity and help in founding a state for the Jewish people.

Suggestion for late afternoon / evning: 
1. Enjoy the Sandy Beaches, markets and shopping centers of the city.
2. Take a Sag Way tour for an hour or two along the promenade in Tel Aviv.


Day 2 – Old City of Jerusalem

Our first destination, will be Jerusalem!
There, we will start with an unbelievable panoramic amazing view from the Mount of Olives toward the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem.

In order to commemorate this wonderful moment …We shall toast a glass of wine to bless Le Ha’im - To Life!!!

We'll then enter the Old City approaching the Jewish Quarter. Two entirely different worlds built one above the other will be revealed in the Roman and Israeli Cardo. We'll inspect interesting synagogues, archeological discoveries, the Herodian Quarter and the Burned House, ending at the Western Wall. There, we’ll have the opportunity to participate in religious prayers.

In the Western Wall Tunnels, we'll be walking the same street as our forefathers did 2000 years ago, an unforgettable experience.

Suggestion for the evening: Light & Sound Show at the Tower of David.


Day 3 – Around the Old City

Today, we'll view the Old City, as well as the new one from a very special point – while walking on the Rampart wall walk of the old city.

From there, we'll stroll the alleys of the Old City and the Jaffa Market for some shopping and colorful sights, smells and human interaction. Our appreciation of the historic Old City of Jerusalem will include visiting elements in the other three quarters: Moslim, Christian and Armenian ones. We'll visit their holy shrines including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Next, we'll visit the Rampt of the Temple Mount… the place is maintained today by the Muslim Wakf, containing the shrine of the Dom of the Rock, and the El Akzta Mosk.

We shall have a tour in the City of David, including the Hezakaya tunnel (prepare yourself in getting wet), heading toward Salon Pools.


Day 4 – West Jerusalem

We'll start our day our visit to the west side of Jerusalem, by visiting Israel Museum. There we’ll observe the Model of Jerusalem in the second Temple period and the Shrine of the Book where the Dead Sea scrolls are presented.

Next, we'll pay a visit to Yad Vashem, the renewed national Holocaust museum and memorial. It will include the Child Memorial as well as the Righteous Gentile Avenue.

We'll continue our tour, by driving through the most spoken neighborhoods like the Mea She'arim, Yemin Moshe, famos streets, National, and private special houses, passing by the Knesset - Israel parliament, and the Menorah

Last for today: Enjoyable Funny way of observing the history of Jerusalem at the "Jerusalem Experience"


Day 5 - Judean Lowlands

Today, everyone will officially become young archeologists in a Digging adventure that's only possible in Israel: An Archeological Seminar excavations, exposing ancient 2300 years old ruins and even treasures (for families with kids, or for groups of children).
Another option is to make a tour at the thousand cave area, in discovering ruines exactly from the same age, 2300 years ago, as they do at the excavations.

On the way back, we'll stop at Ha'ela Valley – the area were the battle between David and Goliath took place, observe the area which the stories about Samson the hero took place.

In the area of Bet Shemesh, we'll stop for a very informative observation over the field where the biblical story about the Philistines returning the Arc of Covenant to the Suns of Israel took place.

Later, we'll tour the Ayalon Institute - an underground secret bullet factory – was in use before the state of Israel was established.


Day 6 – Dead Sea area

Our main visit will be today to Masada: The archaeological excavation tour will be leaded by its incredible, 2000 year old story. We’ll discuss the terrible dilemma the rebels had in their last hours and how it connects with the modern State of Israel. Walking through the incredible Ein Gedi nature reserve, we'll recount the stories of David and Saul that took place right there.

Passing by Qumran, we'll see the cave where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found.

We'll continue to the north, driving through the Jordain Valley, to the Sea of Galilee for an overnight.


Day 7 – Galilee & Golan Heights

We'll enjoy the luscious Tel Dan Nature Reserve through several points of view: historical, archeological and Geopolitical.

The Jeep Ride, will wider our knowledge of the Golan Heights in an adventurous experience.

From the Mt. Bental  we'll observe Syria and learn better about the history of this border, followed by a visit in an underground bunker.

We’ll pass by several Druze villages and Kazerin, the only Israeli city in the Golan, named after an ancient Jewish community living there, and we'll visit the Golan Winery.

Our last mission: Kayaking in the Jordan River (Option)

During the autumn and the spring, we can enjoy the Hula bird reservation either by riding our bikes or through an early ride in a bird feeding vehicle, allowing a close look at the birds. (***more adventures in the area: Winery; Olive Oil plant; Chocolate factory; hiking).


Day 8 – Lower Galilee

We'll start with a visit to Zipory, a gorgeous ancient town with several mosaics, a 4th century decorated synagogue and an amazing 1500 year old water system. By having an outstanding observation over the Jezreel Valley, we'll point out famous biblical events that had happened in this area. 

The visit to Ein Kedem will be a wonderful opportunity to experiential the daily life of the ancient past (only if you visit with young kids)

One of our most exciting events will be now, when each one of us will Plant a tree in the Galilee.

For the finnale, we'll then a Kibbutz to understand better this kind of settlement, as it was more than 100 years ago, and now.


Day 9 – North Mediterranean Coast & Jewish heritage

We'll visit Israel's north-western border with Lebanon, reaching to Rosh Ha'Nikra, amazing underwater shafts and caves, reachable by cable car.

In Akko we'll start with the Knight Halls an UNESCO World Heritage Site. While descending one floor, we'll get to a 900 years old world, the only crusader town in the world. After walking the mysterious crusader halls & tunnels, we'll head to the Old City, stroll its markets, the alleys, the old port, and the city walls.

Last in Acco, we’ll pay a visit to the singular Tunisian Synagogue.

Our next stop will be the mystical city of Safed, observing the synagogues, courtyards, art galleries and the unique pace of life. In the late afternoon, we'll have a stroll near your hotel.


Day 10 - Ceasaria & Haifa

Our visit in Haifa will take us through the German colony, highlighting the Romantic period when it all began in the 18th century.

A breathtaking panoramic view over the city awaits at the Baha'i Gardens.

A 20 minute hike will get us to Elijah the Prophet's Cave on the slopes of Mount Carmel.

We’ll start our tour by heading to the north, visiting ancient Caesaria, with its impressive Roman Theater and beautiful aqueduct, built by Herods the great 2000 years ago, while its citizens were provided with wonders such as flowing tap water to the houses and a formidable port. In addition to the impressive ruins and the beautiful Roman Aquaduct, it carries a rich Jewish and Christian history.         
Here both Peter and Paul were imprisoned. (***possible to have an archaeological diving to see the Herodian port & ruins.)

Alona Park - We'll examine the fascinating underground 2000 years water system that served the citizens in Ceasarea (Only if you're touring with kids 6-18)

Return to Tel Aviv.

Day 11 – Free time in Tel Aviv.