Family Tour Itinerary

You're welcome to your own land, of your ancestors.

I'm so glad to provide you a special Multi Dimentional tour, in which you listen, watch, feel and literly touch the history.

This piece of land is an amazing country, unique in the world, that you have the history fitting the Archaeological discoveries, and you can really touch your ancestors life ; Learn about ancient Antropologic cultures on one hand, and contemporary life in the mosaic cultural population you meet, on the other hand; Enjoy the different cities either the religious of Jerusalem, or the City that never sleeps - Tel Aviv.

This Itinerary suits any family, group of frilends, or any other single people. It is only a suggested program to Enjoy Israel, and each one of you may get a designed private one.
The collection here is enormous.

Day 1
We'll start our journey in Israel, by having a ridden tour in Tel Aviv, built 110 years ago, still called the "First Hebrew City in the World", emerging the atmosphere, the beach, and observe from the car, "the city that never sleeps". After our visit at the Indipendence Hall, we'll be heading to the north.

Caesarea, the wonderful excavations of ancient city, built by the master of constractions, King Herod, 2000 years ago, Our visit includs also an impressive Roman theater and a picturesque aqueduct.  *

As we’ll continue to Haifa, we'll drive through the German Colony and hear its story; observe a beautiful panoramic view over the city and the Baha'i Gardens; have lunch at the Druze village of Daliat al Carmel and visit the Muhraka, where Elijah the prophet arranged a competition between God and the Idle of Baal 2850 years ago. At that point, we’ll drive to the hotel to check-in and let you have your rest.

Overnight in Haifa.

Day 2

Amazing Zefat

We’ll drive to Akko, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As we'll descend one floor, we'll step back 900 years in time to the only crusader town in the world. From the tunnels we will move to the Old City and stroll its alleys, and then make our way to the port. We'll also pay a visit to the singular and gorgeous Tunisian Synagogue.
Our next stop will be the adventurous Rosh Hanikra, with underwater shafts and caves. In the late afternoon, we'll have a stroll in the nearby Kibbutz. Our day will be concluded at the mystical city of Zefat, full of synagogues, courtyards and art galleries, we'll observe its unique pace of life.

Overnight in Haifa

Day 3

At the feet of Mount Hermon lies the luscious Tel Dan Nature Reserve and we'll enjoy it from several perspectives: historical, archeological and political. We'll cross the Jordan River and climb the Golan Heights by jeep, stop by several observation points over the Jordan Valley in the west and the Syrian border in the east. Another fun attraction that awaits us is kayaking in the Jordan River.

Overnight in Jerusalem

Day 4

 We open our day in this amazing legendary  city of Jerusalem by taking a panoramic observation of the Old City and Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. We bless together "Sheheheyanu", and contact our knowledge with the site in front of us.

Entering the Old City through the Zion Gate, we'll begin at the Jewish Quarter, where two entirely different worlds are built one above the other in the form of the Roman and Israeli Cardo. We'll also see interesting synagogues, archeological discoveries, the Herodian Quarter, the Burned House and end at the Western Wall. If you'll be interested, we’ll have the opportunity of participating in religious prayers. Then we’ll continue to the Muslim, Christian and Armenian Quarters.

In the afternoon we’ll pay a visit to Yad Vashem, Israel's national Holocaust museum and one of the biggest in the world. A quick check-in at the hotel and we'll be ready for our evening meeting with the rabbi.

Day 5

One of our highlights today is Masada, the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, built by King Herod, we'll explore the excavations while learn in depth the events taking place here 2000 years ago.

We will discuss either it is a tragedy, or an heroic story of the fighters in the big rebellion. Thinking about the terrible dilemma the rebels' families had in their last minutes and how this heritage is connected to the modern State of Israel.

Floating in the Dead Sea

We’ll relish the Dead Sea's waters which are the saltiest in the world and therefore allows for effortless floating. A walk through the oasis of the Ein Gedi nature reserve will allow us to recount the stories of David and Saul that happened right there. A visit to Qumran is next, the place where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and after some rest and coffee or ice cream, we’ll head back to our hotel in Jerusalem.


Day 6
Descending to the same street that our forefathers walked 2000 years ago in the Western Wall Tunnels will pave the way to a visit at the Davidson Center. In this archeological garden we'll examine the southern ruins along with the huge stones that were thrown down by the Romans. From the southern steps, which led to the temple, we'll continue to the City of David and the Hezekiah tunnel.

We’ll stroll through Mahne Yehuda Market, taking in the sights and aromas of the preparations for Shabbat. Shabbat Shalom!

Day 7

Today we'll learn about Jerusalem's surrounding mountains, as mentioned in Psalms 125:2, by hiking in the Sataf Valley with its rehabilitated agriculture from 3000 years ago. The children in the group will be able to crawl through the tunnel the spring’s water flow in, or enjoy a swim in the ancient pool. We’ll pay a visit to the Scrolls of Fires before turning to Abu Gosh, where we'll learn all about the Zionist monks.

The Israel Museum will awaits us, where the Shrine of the Book is home to the Dead Sea scrolls and a magnificent model of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period is located. On our way we’ll observe the Knesset, Israel's parliament, and the great Menorah at its enterance.

Day 8

This day takes us to the Judean Lowlands, where everyone will officially become young archeologists, participating in excavations, digging and exposing actual ancient ruins or even treasures.

We'll also have a soldier that will guide us through a tour of Latrun, Israel's Armored Forces museum and memorial. The Ayalon Institute, which used to be one of the top security secrets in the country, is our last stop. As evening falls, we'll tearfully part with Shalom and Lehitraot at the airport. 'Til next time!




1. Bar / Bat Mitzva ceremony may be performed on the Masada Mount on the visiting day there, or at the Southern Western Wall, or at the Wailing Wall.

2. This itinerary is a base to changes and costumed designed for each group of guests by their expectations & by their fields of interests.


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