Acco & Rosh Hanikra & Haifa - Day Tour


Private day tour Excursion, is a tour of a life time! 

This Exclusive private tour takes you to an adventure which is much beyond your wildest dreams!


Our day will start with a drive to the north, stopping by the city of Akko.

Crusaders Halls
Here we shall pay a visit to the Knight Halls, known also as the UNESCO world heritage site.By descending one floor of steps, we'll meet the 900 years old Crusaders Halls remains, the tunnels, the halls, the quarter and more.



The contemporary city was constructed about 250 years ago. Strolling the Oriental market, observing the domes of the mosque, heading to the Old Port, will give us some Turkish / Arabic taste of this city.

If time permits, we will stop in the incredible Tunisian Synagogue - unique in the world.

Limestone grottos of Rosh HaNikra


Rosh Hanikrawhere we will encounter the breathtaking limestone grottos, on the border with Lebanon, along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea.


Bahai Gardens


​Haifa - the beauty of symmetry

While observing the incredible view of Haifa, and the marvelous Bahai Gardens, we'll hear the explanation about this special religion, and about the city.



Another Option: 

If you are taking a private tour, instead of Rosh Hanikra, you may choose Caesarea, the city which was built by Herod the Great 2000 years ago, providing its citizens with wonders such as flowing tap water to the houses and a formidable port. In addition to the impressive ruins and the beautiful Roman Theater, it carries a rich Jewish and Christian history. We'll also stop by the romantic aqueduct leaded water in ancient times to Caesarea.

An additional option, for more adventurous visitors, is to have an archaeological dive in Caesaria. 


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