Jerusalem Classic & Jewish history

Private exclusive day tour ... an experience of a life time! 

You are very much welcome to Enjoy Israel, your own heritage land. Reveal the many secrets of Jerusalem, through the unique, multi-perspective we offer to each site, joining our cruise excursion, and partaking in this adventure with us!  

Jerusalem Adventure

Our exciting Multi Dimensional Jerusalem adventure, starts with a phenomenal panoramic view from the Mount of Olives, to the Old City, built around the Temple Mount. 

Observing the 2000 years walls, talking about the written historic events, while feeling the excitement of this moment, remind us the uniqueness of the place that we are standing right now: The Navel of the World!!!

Mercy Gate

By passing by the Garden of Gethsemane, we can take pictures of the oldest Olive trees in Israel, and the Garden around. Remembering the important events happened there in the past, it is possible to take a few minutes to wonder around.

Stepping right into the exceptional Old City, you are going to visit all four of its unique parts:
The Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian quarters.

Enjoy Israel by the Multi-Dimensional guiding advanture, you'll inquire the Jewish Quarter, by discovering two levels of life, one over the other, unique in the world.
Your ancestors walked in the same Cardo that you're strolling in, you may see the 2000 and 2700 years walls & streets. Reach your hand and touch history. 

You visit the Jewish Cardo, Arab Cardo, Roman Cardo, Wide Wall, and Crusader ruins.

The Old City of Jerusalem

If you happen to be on Monday, or Thursday, you'll be happy to participate the music  Bar Mitzvah celebrations.

 From there, you are leaded to the Wailing Wall - Kotel, the most sacred Jewish site in the world.

Strolling the Christian quarter, you get to know the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (an option)one of the three holiest in the Catholic world.

Wailing Wall

Crossing the barrier of time by driving through the western parts of Jerusalem, by Rehaviah neighborhood, and Moria neighborhood, as well as taking a glimpse of the Parliament Building, and the government quarter, than we continue to our next stop.

You'll please, choose one of those 2 options with the limitations of opening hours.
1 - Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum,
2 - Israel Museum,
including the Shrine of the Book (where the Dead Sea Scrolls are safely kept), 
    and an amazing model of Jerusalem at the end of the Second Temple period.

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