Golan Heights Day Tour

The rich and green Tel Dan nature reservation starts off our day, where one of the most important springs in the land of Israel is found, along with the amazing archeological excavations of the ancient town of Dan. It is more than 2700 years old and the roots of the mythical character of Samson can be traced back here. During our visit, we'll be able to make the connection between the Bible's written word and what we see for ourselves.

We'll also gain a deeper understanding of the Golan Heights trekkingGolan Heights as we cross the Jordan River. There, we'll climb up and stop by several observation points over the Jordan Valley in the west and to our east, the view will spread from Bental to the Syrian border and beyond. Our path will lead us to visit a winery, a chocolate factory and a kibbutz, which reflect the agricultural life in this area, and we'll get there via Kazerin, the only Israeli city built in the Golan Heights, as well as via Druze villages.

Other Options:
For more adventurous travelers who are willing to cut back on time at other sites, the option of rafting on the waters of the Jordan River is available, followed by a jeep trek from the river's valley to the Golan Heights.


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