Galilee & Nazareth Day Tour


Private day tour Excursion, is a tour of a life time! 

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Dina Horn

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Jezreel Valley

Enjoy Israel with us by following, and especially experience the Steps of Jesus, as if you are really there 2000 years ago, together with him. Tour the places that he lives at, the activities that he performed at the true same spots that you pass by. Following the steps of Jesus in the Galilee with a Multi-Dimensional concept, you understand in depth, and from several aspects his life, and his present in the Galilee.

Enjoy Israel tour passes through the Valley of Armageddon, observing the most famous future last Battlefield in the Christian tradition (Revelations 16,16), heading toward Nazareth.

Here it is where Mary received the Annunciation and Jesus was raised as a child, grew up in wisdom, until Church of Annunciationhe was 30 years old. You visit the Church of Annunciation, which is located at the center of the ancient 2000 years old ruins of Nazareth, and see the "Grotto" which traditionally was Mary's house.

Although it is a small walk in the contemporary city of Nazareth, you enjoy to  see the similar allies like Jesus walked through 2000 years ago, and you realize that you're in Jesus' hometown, where he prepared himself to the big mission later.

We continue to the east, heading to the "Land of Jesus", located in the north-western part of the Sea of Galilee.   2/3 of the New Testament, took place in this area. 

One of the most significant events in every Christian life, is the Ceremon on the Mount. 
The excitement visit to the Mount of Beatitudes, is going to be remembered for ever. While looking at the panoramic view around, that is the same as Jesus saw, you realize the Geographic political issues in his time, the area that he lived for 3 years, finding the peace and quite to get a moment of pray. 


Capernaum Village


Our tour passes by shores of the Sea of Galilee, and visit Tabaha area The Town of Jesus and Capernaum. 
Imagine your thoughts and excitement to see and be present at the city that Jesus lives at for 3 years, went out to his missions, healed people, and gathered most of his disciples from.
You'll be able to touch, to see, listen and read, while being presented in his Presence. 

On the way back to Haifa, we'll make sure to drop by the baptismal site at the Jordan River, located probably around the site that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.Bahai Gardens

We'll close our day with a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Haifa from the enchanting Baha'i Gardens before returning to your ship / hotel.


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