Caesarea & Jaffa & Tel Aviv - Day Tour


Private day tour Excursion, it is a tour of a life time! 

 An Exclusive private tour takes you to an adventure which is much beyond your wildest dreams!

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Our day will begin in Caesarea, built by Herod the Great, 2000 years ago, providing 

the citizens with wonders such as flowing tap water to the houses and a formidable port. 
In addition to the impressive ruins and the beautiful Roman Theater, it contains a rich Jewish and Christian history. 

Roman Theater

We'll also stop by the romantic aqueduct along the beach that leaded the water to 
ancient Caesarea. 

We'll head to one of the oldest cities in the world, 4000 years old - Jaffa. The tour here will include a walk among the unique, picturesque and beautifully decorated alleys while enjoying the sight of the art galleries all around. We'll follow the ancient history by puzzling its ruins to the written sources & Elamarna foundlings in Egypt. 

We'll also visit the Church of St. Peter and the House of Simon the Tanner

We'll head toward the meeting point between Jaffa and the first Modern Hebrew city, Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is called also "The first Hebrew city in the World"; " City of Gardens"; "The city that never sleeps"; and  "The Wight City".  

While driving through the modern historic streets of Tel Aviv, following the verity mosaic of people strolling along, we'll enjoy the energy of this city: Selebs in the past and in contemporary times, or the various architect styles including the Bauhaus, gave the city the name: "The White City" (UNESCO World Heritage site).          The White City   

If it is Tuesday, or Friday, we'll be lucky to visit also the Nahalat Binyamin Art Bazar pedestrian walk way.

At the Rabin Square- We'll talk about the man, and about his Dream of Peace!    


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