Acre, Safed and Haifa Day Tour

Day tours Excursions $99 (+$8 ef)

This tour goes from Haifa on:
March 19  21
April     6  10  14  15  16  24  
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July     3    17  31
Aug.   14   28

Our trip today will take us to Acre (Akko), where we'll visit the Knights' Halls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

By descending just a few stairs, we'll enter a 900 years old world in the form of the only Crusader town in the world. We'll see the amazing, original halls, the hidden tunnels and the unbelievable history they carry. Then, we will continue our way via the Old City, where we'll stroll the alleys all the way down to the port.

We'll make sure to stop by the Tunisian Synagogue, which features four stories of mosaic describing the Jewish history starting with Noah and concluding in our time. This place is the only one of its kind anywhere on the globe.

Next, we'll head out to the mystical city of Safed, known as the birthplace of Kabala, as well as providing the basis of the Jewish prayers recited worldwide today. We'll gain a better understanding of the unique pace of life in this city by exploring the old synagogues, art galleries, mosaics, and its diverse human population. 
Safed synagog

Stroll the alleys, visit famous synagogues, the Art galleries, while feeling with all your senses, the unique mystical atmosphere in the air.


At the Baha'i hanged gardens, a beautiful panoramic observation of Haifa awaits us on our way back. It is one of the most wonderful 
spots combining natural beauty and human design.


From:         Haifa or Haifa port
Departure:  Tuesdays and Fridays
Price:         99$


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