Day Tours

Day tours are a fun way to explore Israel in a relatively short period of time.
We offer 2 options for day tours:
1. An exclusive small day tour, minimum 6 - maximum 16 people .      
2. Private day tour - to have your privtate experience with your own friends or family.  The advantage of taking a private day tour, is that it is highly flexible, allowing you to spend as much or as little time in any place you choose.

The following itineraries are based on a selectionJerusalem Day Tour of handpicked sites that offer you the best and most comprehensive experience Israel has to offer. Each day tour is focused on a special region that entails a different story and atmosphere, which allows you to choose the tour best suited for your wishes.

Another adavantage of a private tour is that should you choose what you'd like to see - so, I can help you build your own special day tour, either based on one of the itineraries or on your own destinations of choice, all according to your needs, decisions and pace. I can also assist you in booking hotels and making reservations for restaurants, and shows if needed.

The prices below include complete guidance by a private guide in an exclusive 16 people group, and full transportation at that day.
The fee is per person, per tour, not including entrance fees, meals, tips, or other personal expenses.

Classic Jerusalem with Jewish Orientation Tour

If you want to experience the best that Jerusalem has to offer, and cannot decide which sites will be more to your liking, this classic Jerusalem day tour is exactly for you! We'll step right into the history of this exceptional city and see the old and the new.
More information and itinerary: Here

Jerusalem and Bethlehem Day Tour

Religion is an important part of what makes Jerusalem so special. In this day tour we'll visit some of the most important sites in the world, for Judaism and Christianity. From the Wailing Wall to following the footsteps of Jesus, we'll uncover history bit by bit.
More information and itinerary: Here


The Dead Sea and Masada

History and fun combined into one tour, what could be better? With the day tour to Masada and the Dead Sea we will learn about and the heroic story of the fighters in Masada during the big rebellion, and we'll also pay a visit to the resort area of the lowest place on earth: the Dead Sea.
More information and itinerary: Here

Coastline Day Tour

From ancient to modern, from grandiose to humble, this day tour will take us along the beautiful cities of the Mediterranean shores of Israel. You'll come to understand why everyone from King Herod the Great to current Tel-Aviv citizens are attracted to this wonderful location.
More information and itinerary: Here

Northern Coastline Day Tour

This day tour really does offer an amazing well rounded experience. A combination of historical landmarks, amazing landscapes of land and sea, all scented with a hint of religion – the quintessential Israel.
More information and itinerary: Here


Galilee and Nazareth Day Tour

Jesus left behind him many footsteps in this region of Israel. If you wish to understand why Jesus found this place so magical, as well as why it attracts so many people from around the world, this is the right day tour for you. This day tour will take you through many special sites following the life of a man who changed the world.
More information and itinerary: Here


Acre, Safed and Haifa Day Tour

It's a little known fact that some of the most influential people in Israel's history passed through the north of Israel.  Napoleon tried to lay siege on Acre, in Safed Rabbi Isaac Luria became one of the most influential thinkers of the Jewish mystical Kabbalah, and in Haifa lays the Báb, founder of the Baha'I faith.  This day tour will take us through all of these sites and show you why this place is so fascinating.
More information and itinerary: Here


The Golan Heights Day Tour

The Golan Heights maybe the road less traveled, but this is exactly the reason why you should visit it. Here you will find the lush greens of the north, with many breath taking vistas of mountains and water, amazing local food, Israel's famous wineries, and a little history all wrapped together.
More information and itinerary: Here


  • All day tours are carried out in a private air-conditioned luxury van.
  • Personal pickups are provided from your hotel or from your port.
  • All day tours are carried out in English by a government licensed tour guide.
  • The tours include: Transportation, guiding and entrance fees.
  • The tours do not include: Meals or personal expenses.
  • In order to avoid any disappointment advance bookings are required.


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