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My precious guest,

I'm so excited to welcome you to our cuise excusions of Israel, even if it is only for one day tour.

Israel is a fascinating country that it can be spend a month in touring it, still not absorb everything. 

I try to give you, as a cruise visitor the most best experience
on each one of your shore excursions with us.

Enjoy-Israel is offering you much more in one touring day in the Holy Land, 
than you could even imagine.

Experience Israel, by our Multi-Dimensional tours, by recognizing your 
2000 & 3000 years 'old ancestors' home, visiting the sites where you'll
contact the biblical stories, written in the inscriptions, and touching history 

(at the archeological sites), at the same time. 



Remember that this country is your Land, the Holy Land that you've read aboutduring your life, while now it is your dream comes true - by not only see them, but also feel and touch those parts of your life.

Jerusalem is your city, in which you know several Jewish important names that walked 2000 years ago, exactly where you'll be stepping on.

Jerusalem is the navel of the world, either historically, or contemporary being not only the center of the three big religions: Jewish, Christian, Muslim, but also not getting off the worlds mind in various of maters.



Each one of our day tours, either a biblical, a modern history, or contemporary adventure in 
Tel Aviv, offers OUR Multi-Dimensional unique adventure of guiding, in which
our tour guides are specialize at, in depth, and extremely personal attitude.


Exclusive Tours, up to 16 people
It is the ideal size that provides you a social atmosphere, with a caring private tour guide, on one hand, and small enough that you'll not be lost in a 50-people crowd, by a fair pricing offer.

By choosing our tours, of Enjoy Israel, you can always find the tour that will help you make the most out of your short time in Israel.

Our payment policy:
 deposit is charged ahead the tour - the complete fee is charged ONLY on the first touring day,

Tours leave & return to the port where your ship docks, Haifa / Ashdod  

You are welcome to choose the tour you would like to experience with your loved ones, for the day tours your cruise ship will stay in Israel (each tour is linked with its itinerary).
We will make sure to unite the groups accordingly.


Tel Aviv & Jaffa & Caesaria $99 ($11 entrance fees)

Jerusalem with a Jewish orientation tour  $99 ($8-10 entrance fees)

Dead Sea & Masada $119 (about $20 entrance fees)

Jerusalem & Bethlehem $99 (no entrance fees).

 Akko & Ztefat & Haifa $99 ($8 entrance fees)

Nazareth & Sea of Galilee & HaifaTour $99 (no entrance fees)



Have any questions? Feel free to Contact me!



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