Christian 6 day tour

My dear Guest!
I welcome you to Enjoy Israel with such a unique adventure of Multi-Dimensional experience.
Consider yourself the lucky one to be present on this Holy Land with his presence.
It is your land, your history, your ancestors and your heritage, that we are going to follow up.Jerusalem Cityscape
The modern achievement of this state is your pride, since this is your roots...
In your visit you discover the specialty of touring this particular piece of land.    
By Archeological discoveries, stepping exactly where Jesus and his disciples once walks, fitting the written history, combining our senses, and enjoying my Multi-Dimensional guiding by listening, watching, reading, feeling, and literally touching the past = bring up the past to live.


Day 1 – Welcome to Israel!
Our incredible Israeli adventure starts in Jerusalem with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Temple Mount from the Mount of Olives. We say a blessing to commemorate this wonderful moment.


We descend the Mount of Olives, through the same allies that Jews 2000 years ago would walk on their way to the Temple, just like Jesus walked on the Sunday Palms day…Singing HOSAYA… heading to the Garden of Gethsemane, a site that still vibrates with the agony of Jesus' arrest at that terrible night, allowing you some time by your own.



We continue to the Mount of Zion, to visit the Upper Room & Last Supper Room, and the Tomb of King David.

Then... to Caiaphas house, where might be the house of the high priect who put Jesus in a pit.

Your day will be sealed with a tour to Bethlehem, while you take your time in visiting the Church of Nativity, and the Shepherds'' fields, as well as with your shopping....

Day 2 - 
Church of Holy SepulchreWe open our day by entering through the Jaffa Gate, walking towards the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. This place believed to be where Jesus was crucified, and was buried.
The Church contains the last 5 stations of the Via Dolorosa, wonderful mysterious complex of Churches, chapels, niches and the Main most impressive Rotunda.
Next...  you step in the Jewish quarter of the Old City. 
You survey the ruins at the Jewish Quarter corresponding with biblical stories. We follow the amazing subterranean thousands of years ancient city beneath the 21st century housing, following expecially after a certain group of Jews, the followers of Jesus as they hanged around here 2000 years ago.
You inspect the Israeli contemporary Cardo, the Roman Cardo, the Hasmonean Tower, the Wide Wall, the Herodian Quarter and finish at the Wailing Wall, continue to Western Wall Tunnels in walking on the same tiles looking at the same wall, and thinking of the same human issues that your forefathers had 2000 years ago.

The exit is right beneath the formed Antonia Fortress, the place where Jesus was condemned by Pontius Pilot. 
While following up the Via Dolorosa, you pass through the Muslim Quarter: learn about the population, the architecture & ornaments of the houses, smells of the species, the bakeries' fresh pastry smell, or even try any local food.  
Garden Tomb

Then we head to the Garden Tomb, an inspiring calm mystical site, in which we get another optional view of the location of Jesus Tomb.



Day 3
Biblical history along with incredible archeological ruins takes us into the past by visiting the Temple Mount, envisioning the services that took place here 2000 years ago.
Leaving the Temple Mount plaza, directly to the Bethesda pools, where Jesus helped a person to walk again on his feet. 
Our visit at Yad Vashem, Israel's renovated Holocaust museum will include the Children Memorial and the Righteous Gentile Avenue. On our way, we'll take a picture of the parliament building, Kneset !
Continue to the Israel Museum, housing a Model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple period and the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea scrolls are presented.
We take now a ridden tour to observe the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, Prime minister house, the President Mansion area, the Parliament seating Hall -Knesset, and other objects in the west side of Jerusalem.


Day 4
Driving along the Dead Sea, we pass by Qumran, where the first Dead Sea Scrolls were found. 
Passing by Ein Gedi natural park reminds us the confrontation that took place there among two biblical heroes.

Masada, UNESCO World Heritage Site, we’ll explore the excavations, trying to match them to the drama taken Masadaplace 2000 year ago at this same spot. We discuss the terrible dilemma the Jewish community had in its last hours. We'll understand its connection to the modern State of Israel. 
Mud at the Dead Sea


After lunch, you'll have the chance to enjoy a float on the Dead Sea, where it's nearly impossible to drown.


On our drive to the north, we step through Jericho, to see the Sycamore Tree, and observe the Temptation Mount. Reading the Holy verses, we consider ourselves the lucky ones to be at this exact place, present in his presence.

Our drive to the north through the Jordan Valley, provides us an excellent opportunity to return back to several biblical events that had taken place exactlly over there.

 Sea of Galilee for an overnight. 


Day 5 - Sea of Galilee and the Town of Jesus
Following the steps of Jesus in this area means touring the Land of Jesus, exploring the details of his missionary, in the area.

Synagogue in CapernahumA size of 10km length, 2km width – is the Land of Jesus, where he performed his missionary for three years, and which 2/3 of the New Testament happened in this area.
Starting our day with a tour at the Mountain of Beatitudes, where the Sermon on the Mount has been performed; Capernaum, "The Town of Jesus", used as his base for the ministry; Tabaha area containing the Multiplication miracle, the Primacy of Peter, and many miracles that were performed there.
We take a cruise on a boat to get the correct religious atmosphere, visit the new ruins of Magdalah.

We finish the day at the baptismal in the Jordan River.


Day 6 - Nazareth & Coast line cities with ancient Christian heritage.

Following Jesus' way, we'll visit his childhood town of Nazareth; Passing by Caper Cana, where he performed his first miracle; A breathtaking observation of the Jezreel Valley recalls the biblical Armageddon. 

On our way south, we pass through Megido, called also Armageddon, and we try to understand by the Multi-Dimensional concept, what the connection between the past, present, and the future of this spot.

Ancient Caesarea, built by Herod the Great, 2000 years ago, providing the citizens with wonders such as connection to sewer system, and flowing tap water to the citizens, with the most incredible formidable port. 
Besides the impressive ruins and the beautiful Roman Theater, it contains a rich Jewish and Christian history. 

Next is Jaffa - the rich atmosphere of the old city includes art galleries, riveting history, an important port, a mixed population and an incredible view. Seeing all this will lead to a stroll in the streets of Tel Aviv with its special Promenade Market.Sunset in Old Jafa