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Israel Welcomes Christians
by Dina Horn
Your Licensed Tour Guide to Israel


Israel is the land where scripture, faith and history are joined together, where prophecy and God's promises were spoken and continue to be fulfilled in the present day.

The Christian Faith originated there and as we read the scriptures, we get quite a few geographical descriptions. Thus, a journey to Israel results in a deeper understanding of the Holy Scriptures. 

While walking here, you are immersed in a Multi-Dimensional trip to this land. 

Have experience the connection between the actual place, the historical sites, the ethnic population who used to live there and the biblical events that had happened in the very spots they visited. The scriptures are then transformed from a mere text to a multidimensional experience. Reading the words and realizing how it all came about suddenly makes both the Old and New Testaments come alive!

Church of Holy Seplucher

Seeing archaeological excavations in this country can open up a new aspect of history, as Christians behold the historical roots of the Bible materializing in front of their very eyes. Imagine how it feels to recognize the biblical names of sites you'll travel, like Jerusalem, Galilee, Armageddon, Capernaum, Magdala, or heroes' names like Yael, Gideon, Deborah and many others.


Tourists who have been there tell of a special spiritual atmosphere they sensed in the country as they stood in awe in the same places Abraham, David and Jesus walked. Yet Israel has also become a modern state and as it had been foretold in the Holy Book


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