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A Catholic pilgrimage tour to the Holy Land is an unforgettable, highly emotional experience. First and foremost, it means following by your very self in the footsteps of the prophets, the patriarchs and Jesus Christ; seeing the places where biblical events once took place. Undoubtedly, coming to this exciting country is unlike any other trip, it's something we owe to ourselves and our past.

All you've always heard and read about this landCatholic Pilgrimage Tour will be vividly on your mind as you walk the actual places where those events and stories had happened, and you will certainly be glad you took the opportunity to be present in this amazing country.

As your tour guide, I’ll lighten the burden of preparations for you and make the right reservations to the churches you want, to say the Holy Mass at. I'll also lead you to the archeological excavations which will help make the connection between geography, history and the Bible clearer.

On the Catholic tour, you'll be able to see the holy city of Jerusalem, where you'll be inspired by the power of prayer at the melancholic Mount of Olives, and walk in the places that once witnessed Jesus’ Christ suffering, crucifixion, burial and resurrection.

Retracing Jesus' journey, we'll travel to the city of Nazareth, where he grew in years and wisdom, visit the Sea of Galilee, where he walked on water, healed the sick and taught the Word of God on the Mount of Beatitudes.

My ultimate goal is for you to return from Israel not with just souvenirs, but with memories of a lifetime, a greater understanding of God’s will and how His plan has unfolded in history, as it continues to.


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