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The highest emotional experience for a Christian is visiting the Holy Land. It is, after all, the land of Jesus, of the patriarchs, and of the living bible. To be present in all the places where the biblical events once took place is nothing less than a dream comes true. Traveling the country is more than just another trip. It is a duty to ourselves and our past.

You are lucky to see everything here in Multi-Dimensional view - while you touch the land where our faith was born and our forefathers lived, hold the Holly Book on the other hand reading the events that had happened, and looking at the landscape where they lived at. This is  once in a life time opportunity to grow into a deeper understanding of your backgrownd, and witness the miraculous restoration of our nation.

It is the land where the Bible, faith and history are Church of transfigurationjoined together - where prophecy and the God’s promises have been and continue to be fulfilled in the present day.

On your pilgrimage, you unfold all the mysteries within the Bible by really following the steps of Jesus.

I feel the same excitement as you, in fulfilling your dream of having an unforgettable journey, highlighting your faith. That is why I faithfully lead you on the same paths that the patriarchs took when they were spoken to and commanded by the Holy Providence.

You'll widen your knowledge of the Promised Land, breath the pure air of the Galilee, and get to see where Moses and Joshua led God’s people from their wanderings in the desert to the promised land of milk and honey.
Your breath will be taken away as you walk the alleys of Jerusalem's Old City, feel the power of prayer on the melancholic Mount of Olives.

While traveling the Holy Land with the Christian orientation tour, you will witness the Scriptures transforming from a mere text to a Multi-Dimensional experience, by feeling and watching, as well as touching the history by yourself. Reading the word and looking at it - suddenly makes the whole Bible come to life!

Dear friend, I would like you to return home with a memory of Israel that includes a wide understanding of God’s will, how his plan has, and continues to unfold in history. I also have a wish to creat a link of love and friendship to Israel which will escort you for the rest of your life, as your home to come back to.

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