Biblical Tour

The mere thought of the Bible automatically conjures up images of the Land of Israel. Having been written over 3000 years ago, it is the oldest written history book in the world and thus opens for us the largest available window to the daily lives of our ancestors.

As you travel the length and breadth of Israel, practically any destination you arrive at will be a place of biblical significance. That means a tour of this country will will make you feel what no other journey can, as you'll identify the places that you've read about all your life.

Coming across Mount Carmel, the Jezreel Valley, the Valley of Elah and many others, will evoke memories of the Holy Book. It will animate for you stories and events which have taken place right there and which up until that point existed for you only in your mind. You will walk along the trail of the Bible's protagonists, no matter who you look to, the Israelites and Philistines, David and Goliath, Deborah and Barak or Gideon and the Midianites and so on. For example, you will visit Mount Gilboa, where the Israelites suffered one of their greatest defeats and the death of King Saul together with his sons.

Thus, the day you come to Israel will be, quite literally, a dream come true, because while you're here, the Bible becomes your actual tour guide.

With me as your expert biblical tour guide, you will visit archeological sites, new museums and riveting attractions, all connecting current Israeli events with their biblical context.

The Holy Land is of great importance to the three major religions and visiting these sacred locations can prove to be a very emotional experience. It is my hope that this tour will provide you with new insights on both the Land of Israel and the Bible, leaving you wanting to learn more about them. My purpose is to enlighten people's eyes and minds by helping them find the deep connection between the geographical place, the historic sites and the biblical events which happened there. I feel that by linking the next generation to its heritage, people and homeland, I fulfill my mission as a tour guide, of calling attention to the unique and multidimensional significance of Israel.


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