Israel's Climate

Israel's Climate
Israel is located in a subtropical region, with two main seasons. On the one hand, a hot, dry summer. On the other hand, a cold, wet winter. Nevertheless, Israel’s climate is varied due to its location.

As a result of its geographical importance, Israel has general influences being between a sea and a desert, and many different, contrasting influences as a result of its altitude. Therefore, it is a country that hosts different (and sometimes opposite) venues such as skiing on Mount Hermon or swimming in Eilat.

The country has three main climatic regions. In central and northern Israel, there is a Mediterranean climate, consisting of hot summers and rainy winters. During the summer, the coastal plain is humid, but more comfortable during the winter. In the mountains, however, summer is dry and winter gets very cold. In southern and eastern parts of Israel, there is a desert climate with hot, dry weather, and noticeable temperature differences between day and night. Finally, and between the desert and Mediterranean regions, is the semi-arid zone characterized for its transitional climate. 

Israel is a land with great amounts of light and sunshine, which accounts for the famous Mediterranean look tanning in the sun (using, of course, sunscreen). Mount Hermon gets snow every year, and in most areas with Mediterranean climate, fall annually more than 400 milliliters of rain. However, in the desert regions, rainfall is below 250 milliliters. Naturally, in areas with semi-arid climate, rainfall is usually between 300 and 400 milliliters. All of these take place between December and February (even though technically, rainy season is between October and May). The dry season is usually between July and August, which are the country’s hottest months.

The remainder of the year (April to June, and September to November), temperatures are quite comfortable. Rain happens seldom and that makes for a very enjoyable weather for resting at the beach, or going for a hike.

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