Caesarea Maratima

Caesarea of the 21st, Century is one of the riches cities in Israel.

This heritage continues the story about Herod's city of 2000 earlier to our time.

Being Paranoic, Herod killed many of his family members and other; Being Megalomaniak, his ambision was to be the greatest builder in the world.

If you had lived in Herod's times, you'd prefer to be his employee than his relative.

Caesarea was Herod's Gate to the Wide Roman Empire, and to the world.

The 2000 years old Beverly Hills stile, with a direct excess of water to each house, with fancy facilities taken from the last Roman fashion, and amazing 5th Avenue cardo, with no poverty neighborhoods from the past – created a sight of an unbelievable prosperous & wealthy population.
The best port in the world, built in a unique advanced system not known till then, containing the 30-meter width - south wave breaker of 560-meter length, and 80-meter length in the north side of it, impressed any Roman leader in the world.
Herod forbade anyone who came to Israel, to pass through another port – and in addition of making so much money, each one of the visitors knew to appreciate what they have seen and heard over there.
As a ship entered the port, the visitors had the incredible view of the Roman Power, even before they left their ship, understanding perfectly that Caesarea is built for the Caesar.
The front land of the port, contained an impressive platform, holding a Roman beautiful Temple, and a huge sculpture of the Emperor on top of it.

For more than 45 years already, the archeological excavations are still going on, and every year is presented the "new old" discovery.
Caesarea is rich with Christian history (Peter; Paul; Cornelius; first Church in the world; The first Christian inscription written there), and a Jewish history (big rebellion; Rabbi Akkivah).
Visiting the runes of the ancient city of Caesarea existing till the 13th century, is much more than another Roman city you've visited ever.
Your Multi-Dimensional view in this one has written old books history, clarifying the events, and together with the excavated site, you get a living history, that you can touch as well as watch and listen.


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